G & Co. is a retail & consumer goods end-to-end experience and solutions strategy consulting firm.

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In order to ensure customers’ end-to-end experiences are optimized to their fullest potential, retail & consumer goods brands must gauge their performance by comparing and contrasting themselves against their competitors. By using a combination of primary and secondary data points, we help our retail & consumer brand and fashion, apparel, luxury clients identify best-in-class practices, as well as finding gaps for improvement and developing strategies for them to become the top-performing names in the marketplace.

Primary and Secondary Research (1.5)

One way that we help our retail & consumer goods and fashion, apparel, luxury customers comprehend their competitive landscape is through the collection of primary and secondary research information. We utilize a selective secret-shopper network based on our clients’ target audience to gather subjective, consumer insights and objective, hard data points. G & Co. ‘s data collection efforts allow brands to view their customer’s experiences through the consumer point of view and enhance the overall end-to-end experience.  

End-to-End Experience(02)

By understanding their customers’ journey, retail & consumer goods and fashion, apparel, luxury brands are able to identify the wants and needs of their target audience in order to create a seamless customer experience. We help our clients understand their customers’ point of view in order to perfect their customer experience at every touch-point. We assist our clients in constantly improving on best-in-class practices and creating a strategic roadmap to reach their end-to-end experience and solutions missions. 

Market Mapping (03)

Today, it is more important than ever for retail & consumer and fashion, apparel, luxury brands to visualize their position in their market space. Through market mapping and competitor analysis, we provide our retail & consumer and fashion, apparel, luxury clients with a complete picture of their competitive landscape. Our market research efforts help our clients know their place in the industry so they are better equipped in accomplishing their goals and creating a refined customer experience.

Innovation Strategy (04)

Innovative end-to-end experiences and solutions begin with establishing effective innovative strategies that outline critical action items to execute. We provide our retail & consumer goods and fashion, apparel, luxury clients with brand aligned, insight-driven strategic roadmaps to enhance each touchpoint within their end-to-end experience.  G & Co.’s innovation efforts and strategies herald high value for customers which we value above any metric.

eCommerce (05)

Considering the global skyrocket of online shopping, today’s shoppers expect more from retail & consumer goods brands' eCommerce efforts. Since consumers have global access to digital shopping available anytime, anywhere, developing robust end-to-end experiences and solutions is critical to maintain brand image and sentiments. Because of this consumer demand for industry-standard digital experiences, it is essential that retail & consumer brands provide seamless shopping experience, from end-to-end, and throughout any touchpoint – be it in the palm of their hands, a click away, or at a brick and mortar presence. 
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About G & Co.

What is retail & consumer goods consulting?

End-to-end experience and solutions based strategic consulting for retail & consumer goods brands means honing in on their most pressing issues and presenting solutions to the challenges at hand. Through the illustration and execution of a market researched, brand-aligned strategy, we create opportunities for our clients in the retail & consumer goods and fashion, apparel, luxury space that bring them closer to their missions.

Why we do retail & consumer goods consulting (02)

Markets always evolve and new challenges arise. We’re here to bring clarity to retail & consumer and fashion, apparel, luxury brands in their road ahead, supporting their missions to better serve their customers in any way we are able. Through a diverse set of talents and capabilities, we empower retail & consumer brands with impactful direction and decisive action based on end-to-end experience and solutions intelligence.

How we do retail & consumer goods consulting (03)

Through end-to-end experience and solutions & benchmarking against industry peers, we help gather valuable insights for retail & consumer goods and fashion, apparel, luxury brands. Our team of creative thinkers, strategists, and data scientists offers industry specialization to our perspective, providing a clear perception of competitors and the overall market for our clients.
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G & Co. a strategy consulting firm and digital transformation partner helping brands through strategy, data/insight, and digital innovation/product.

We focus on enabling enhanced customer experience and digital transformation through data benchmarking, industry research, and market and brand intelligence.

G & Co. is a full-service firm made up of diverse talents and perspectives. We’re a strategy consulting firm that fulfills the promise of empowering every brand, one project at a time. 


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What’s the importance of working with a retail & consumer goods consulting firm?

At G & Co., our breadth of experience allows us to provide our clients with an experienced perspective. We carry a specialization in working with retail & consumer goods and fashion, apparel, luxury brands and call on our experience of strategic consulting offerings and execution as part of our capabilities to clients.

Our background in eCommerce and network of service adjacent partners plays to our impact in being a full-scale firm for retail & consumer goods brands. G & Co.’s work in the retail & consumer goods and fashion, apparel, luxury industry has always been centered around one thing: creating the optimal customer experience. We believe that if we always remain focused on the consumer, we will succeed in delivering the kind of impact we strive to make on the world.

What are your areas of focus as a retail & consumer goods consulting firm?

While G & Co. is an end-to-end experience and solutions strategy consulting firm, customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. Each of our engagements with retail & consumer goods and fashion, apparel, luxury brands is centered around aligning our approach with that of our clients’ missions and their customer demands. No matter the engagement–be it a competition analysis, market mapping, benchmarking, or innovation strategy–we make the customers of our retail & consumer goods and fashion, apparel, luxury clients the most important component of our work.

Our prime areas of focus as a retail & consumer goods end-to-end experience and solutions consulting firm include consumer compatibility, conducting primary user research, end-to-end experience strategy and execution, product and experience design, and more. The culmination of our work lies in helping our clients succeed in their short-term and long-term approaches.

With so many excellent strategic competition and end-to-end experience and solutions retail consulting firms to choose from, it’s undoubtedly a little difficult to stand out. So how does G & Co. stand out? Simple. We’re both the strategists brands need and the people that can take an idea from concept to market. As a team that celebrates our wide range of skills, backgrounds, and competencies, you can rest assured that we’re ready to help your brand shine through for years to come.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, all the meticulous ideation and craft that goes behind it, and the strategies we outline for our clients. Everything we do is made with the ultimate customer experience in mind. Our creative and strategic skills applied together make for the perfect combination of planning and implementation that brands love to have to meet the demands of a rapidly changing market. At G & Co., you’ll have a end-to-end experience and solutions strategic consulting firm and a deliverable partner for UI/UX design, eCommerce, and digital experiences all under one roof. If you represent a retail & consumer goods or fashion, apparel, luxury brand and are looking for a strategic retail consulting firm, reach out to us at hello@g-co.agency or submit a request form.

Can your retail & consumer goods consulting firm help with competitive intelligence, data benchmarking, and omni-channel strategy?

Absolutely! As a end-to-end experience and solutions retail & consumer goods consulting firm and a holistic digital experience and strategy agency, we are fully equipped to plan and deploy a brand’s digital intelligence, data benchmarking, and omni-channel strategy initiatives. Additionally, we support retail & consumer goods brands in drawing a digital transformation blueprint, accelerating an online approach’s current adaptation, and establishing supplier partnerships.

We’re well-versed in guiding emerging brands and established names in their digital journeys due to our firm’s customer experience service capabilities. We see ourselves as a direct link to our clients’ success because we think of ourselves as equal partners invested in their long-term goals. If you have a digital transformation, data benchmarking, or omni-channel strategy initiative and are looking for a strategic consulting firm, reach out to us at hello@g-co.agency or submit a request form.

How can I get a proposal for a retail or consumer goods brands market and competition mapping engagement?

If you’re looking for a retail & consumer goods brands end-to-end experience and solutions consulting firm, please send us an email first with a quick summary of your project or an RFI/RFP. We usually reply within 24 hours to schedule an introductory call and ask any immediate questions. During our first call, we will ask some questions about the project goals, audience, budget, timeline, and other essential details. Of course, we realize we will be discussing sensitive info, and we would be more than happy to sign an NDA if necessary, but our standard is to always treat all client conversations as confidential. Please feel free to contact other consultancies to compare their capabilities and their approach. While many retail & consumer goods brand end-to-end experience and solutions consulting firms work by the hour, we try to estimate the project cost as precisely as possible before we start. After the call, we may request various documentation such as a brief, project requirements, past reports, etc. Our proposal will include a detailed description of our brand approach, project phases, activities, deliverables, and relevant case studies.

What are consumer goods consulting firms?

A consumer goods consulting firm helps businesses to achieve success. Consultants with customer experience expertise analyze factors such as customer engagement, customer satisfaction, customer needs, and a company's competitive advantage to come up with ways to improve performance.

Better business execution will positively affect the customer journey and drive growth. Customer experience consultants help with identifying challenges and taking a holistic approach to finding resolutions to help businesses flourish by gaining customer loyalty and boosting revenue.

Consultants offer expert and objective guidance to a business. They have experience in different areas, including operations, finances, human resources, funding opportunities, customer experience management, and information technology. Consulting services also help businesses in the areas of strategy and management, marketing, and sales.

Why should I use customer experience consulting firms?

While you value the clients that support your brand, it can be hard to achieve and maintain effective communication with a large group, while continuously meeting their needs.

Customer experience strategy consulting firms bring fresh insight into the customer journey. Having a deep understanding of customer expectations and customer experiences helps companies tailor their brands toward customer satisfaction, which keeps them coming back.

There are several benefits to hiring customer experience consultants. They bring a higher level of customer experience management to the table. Skilled customer experience consultants work with several businesses, so they know industry challenges, business trends, and emerging technologies.

Customer experience consultants bring an objective approach to discovering the cause of business pain points and coming up with the best approach to attack these issues. Hiring a customer experience company with extensive experience can create a customer experience transformation that will take your brand to new heights.

How does a retail customer experience strategy boost customer satisfaction?

Customer experience consulting services help you find ways to improve how customers interact with your company. Customer interactions with a business are crucial to that business's growth. A consultant's customer experience knowledge is incredibly valuable to a company because they specialize in finding ways to enhance customer experience.

This is done through extensive customer experience (CX) research, whether through focus groups, online surveys, customer feedback, or questionnaires. CX consultants use customer experiences to find digital solutions to enhance customer interactions. Improved customer experience means customer loyalty.

What are the barriers in the customer journey?

Customer experiences affect the reputation of a business. Today, with fewer face-to-face interactions between consumers and companies, the customer experience (CX) can decrease in quality. Effective communication is a major barrier between consumers and many industries.

Sometimes, customers find it difficult to get help with products. There are instances of unreliable mediums of communication, a lack of procedural understanding, or skepticism on the consumer's end. CX consulting can give the right insights to a business to initiate a full customer experience transformation that will ultimately improve revenue.

Taking advantage of customer experience consulting services will help a business put a good customer experience management team in place. Customer experience (CX) consultants specialize in breaking the barriers that stand in both the brand's and the customer's way.

How do you earn customer loyalty?

There is no business without consumers. They drive a company's success by making repeat sales or spreading the word about great service. It's important for any brand to gain customer loyalty. This is done through impeccable customer service. Customers appreciate it when a company they support takes the time to assist, advise, or listen to their feedback.

To have a long-term relationship with a customer, you must first see who they are and understand their needs. Keeping them engaged after building a relationship takes work. CX consulting firms can help to come up with efficient ways to maintain the connection between a brand and its clients.