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Our Services

Transformation (01)

At the core of what we offer as a digital agency is an effective approach to creating a fulfilling and remarkable digital experience for our brands. In a more connected and accessible world, organizations must engage with customers across multiple platforms. With our strategic alignment and implementation capabilities, G & Co. helps brands take creative thinking and ideation into a tangible, memorable reality. 

Digital Strategy
& Innovation (02)

Today’s world demands much innovation and progression. In an ever-changing market landscape, we recognize the power of strategic thinking and offer our consumer-centric insights to clients. Our ability to help them pivot and accelerate business solutions is paramount to ensuring we help them become and stay relevant. 

Front & Back-end Development (03)

G & Co.’s full-stack development and engineering team is versed in all major web languages to build premier digital products, including Angular, Node.js, ReactJS, Polymer, and more. Whether it’s implementation, engineering support, or ongoing maintenance, we serve as a partnering extension of our client’s teams to provide well-designed solutions at any scale. 

Web & Mobile
Applications (04)

We couple our specialization in web and mobile apps with consumer-centric objectives to achieve the utmost customer satisfaction. Our experience in helping enterprise brands with digital products across various user bases and platforms makes us capable of handling projects with great scale and agility, working in React Native, Flutter, Kotlin, and others to build the best apps in the space. 

Computing (05)

With more brands requesting scalable and flexible architectures, G & Co. offers cloud computing solutions with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and others to help deliver seamless and enjoyable customer experiences. The digital age has pushed for the embrace of collaborative efficiencies and business continuity. G & Co. enables all these things and more through cloud computing, offering transitions, upgrading systems, and ongoing management, maintenance, and analytics support.

IoT & 
Emerging Tech (06)

The scale at which emerging technologies rapidly become part of our daily lives has only reiterated our need to help clients adopt the latest innovative advancements. Our team is constantly learning about transpiring technologies and the tools that support them, from wearables and smart home products to automotive upgrades and augmented reality. As long as there are advancements, we will keep embracing the new wave. 

Commerce (07)

Our ability to enable brands with the consultation, ideation, and implementation of eCommerce solutions worldwide is what attracted some of the most iconic enterprise names to count on our team. We partner with all major eCommerce platforms—including the complete Adobe suite, Salesforce Commerce, and Shopify Plus—to deploy the best-in-class eCommerce and omnichannel experiences there are to offer. 


The goal of any brand should be to connect and identify with its customers to the extent that they feel empowered and heard. With user research and best adherence to retention and seamless interactions, G & Co. can help you take a consumer-centric approach and ensure every touchpoint builds upon an exceptional experience made to stand out from competitors. 
About G & Co.

What we do(01)

Whether it's an enterprise client or a startup that's coming on board to help an established player, one thing remains the same: to help our clients achieve their mission through great design, development, and user experience.

As a full-service agency and consulting firm, G & Co. provides eCommerce, UI/UX design and development. We partner with brands to elevate their digital marketing efforts and positioning online.

Why we do it(02)

We understand that it’s difficult fo the level they wish in a rapidly shifting age. G & Co. helps them get heard and cement their status as leading names to watch.

How we do it(03)

By considering our clients’ success as our success, we work to deliver a strategy that is driven by conversion and made for the ultimate user experience. When it comes to any brand project mission revolves around one thing: the consumer. If we have that in mind, we will always succeed in implementing our strategy, be it a digital marketing campaign, branding, or a web design project.
Kevin Sonof,
VP, Strategy
Gerardo Belaskus, VP, Creative

45+ Designers & Developers ready for what's thrown at them.

Estella Mahone,
Juan Gonzalez,
Founder & CEO
Adrian Garnica,

G & Co. a strategy consulting firm and digital transformation partner helping brands through strategy, data/insight, and digital innovation/product.

We focus on enabling enhanced customer experience and digital transformation through data benchmarking, industry research, and market and brand intelligence.

G & Co. is a full-service firm made up of diverse talents and perspectives. We’re a strategy consulting firm that fulfills the promise of empowering every brand, one project at a time. 


50+ Strategist & Innovators

est. 2015


31 Hudson Yards 11th Floor, New York, NY 10001

New York City

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