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When Chanel dove into eCommerce, it was a step to further expand its connection to today’s luxury consumer. G & Co. helped facilitate this embrace and foray into the digital sphere with the sole intent of enriching Chanel’s relationship with their customers. Together with a fortifying of Chanel’s digital marketing and social media strategy, G & Co. elevated the overall eCommerce user experience to make the French fashion house stand strong in the digital domain.

Accentuating Luxury’s Profile in the Digital Age

As one of the savviest and chicest brands in luxury, Chanel needed an online presence that personified these long-standing characteristics. So when the time came for Chanel to step into a deeper embrace to eCommerce, we knew we needed to encompass a strategy using highlighted visuals that not only demonstrated the brand’s emphasis on aesthetics and stellar imagery but featured a user experience that contributed to the single most important aspect of any online shopping endeavor: conversions. 

In heightening Chanel’s conversion rate optimization while making the best use of the brand’s promotional marketing publications, G & Co. utilized Chanel’s online channels to publish a differentiated assortment of content. This allowed us to demonstrate the brand’s atelier and behind-the-scenes scoops that enriched the customer user experience and fed into increased conversions. 

Storytelling Through User Experience

With only a select category of items available for eCommerce shopping, we streamlined the number of options customers had in purchasing from Chanel’s online listing. G & Co. simplified the browsing and checkout experience from the items available to provide clear-cut illustrations showcasing Chanel’s extravagant and adeptly crafted catalog. Through an emphasis on storytelling and publishing differentiated content, we translated the same level of fascination found in Chanel’s in-store impressions in their eCommerce experience. 

Heightening Conversions for Bigger Impacts

In addition, G & Co.’s deployed email marketing capabilities strengthened the quality of Chanel’s output. By placing their stellar imagery front and center in every user’s inbox, we captured attention at an increase and fueled the marketing engine for empowered sales and a closer affinity between consumers and the brand itself. 

As with any digital product strategy, conversions served as our north star and precursed a design that reflected as much of Chanel’s allure as it did simplicity. Through these things as our guiding eCommerce design and conversion principles, G & Co. helped further spur the connection between Chanel and their steadfast customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What platform does Chanel use?

Chanel uses SAP Commerce Cloud as its eCommerce platform.

What libraries and functions is Chanel utilizing?

Chanel utilizes AJAX Libraries as part of its content delivery network of choice.

Why is UI/UX important for eCommerce stores?

A good user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) is essential for any eCommerce store in that it helps browsers easily navigate a website for the sole purpose of making their customer journey easier to finish. Most importantly, an eCommerce store is a window into a brand’s image; the first impression a browser makes when coming across a shop can easily determine whether or not they will continue browsing and ultimately purchase something.

Why is eCommerce important for any luxury business?

In the rapidly changing world we live in, it’s important now more than ever for brands to adapt to evolving consumer needs. And that includes meeting them where they are.

How is eCommerce different for luxury and non luxury brands?

It’s not enough for luxury brands to have a branded site just to check the box off on eCommerce. Consumers today want an experience that matches the quality of a luxury product they purchase. That’s why luxury brands place a great emphasis on tailoring their approach to play on consumer sentiment and meet the mark of exclusivity.

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