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Dreem is changing the way we sleep. Using a headband, Dreem monitors brain activity during every stage we sleep to track how much quality shuteye we’re getting, helping us both fall asleep faster, get a full night’s rest and rise at the end of our sleep cycle. We had the pleasure of playing a strategizing role in this snooze revolution.

Reimagining Tech for Sleep

To help consumers better identify Dreem as the aid to sleep, we needed to reintroduce it as a product that helps us rise for a happier, more well-rested tomorrow.

What Kept Us Up At Night

For something as intimate as sleep, most people would probably hesitate at the thought of having tech engage in perhaps our most intimate, vulnerable stages of our daily lives. That’s why for Dreem, it was pivotal we made this just as much about comprehension and compassion as we did the science behind getting better sleep.

It’s not enough to proclaim better sleep out of a product; people have to know that the device in question can lead to us waking up more productive and ready to take on the challenges through a better night’s rest in a way we haven’t been able to before.

We concluded to make Dreem more about the impact it can make on our lives for a better tomorrow rather than casting it as another remedy for sleeplessness. 

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This 

While a Dreem rebrand proved to be a great challenge to identify, we feel confident that the value proposition it promises of a healthier, happier tomorrow is something we can all get behind. The sleep revolution has just arrived, and we’re ready to dream of what’s to come next.

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