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La Colombe
La Colombe is a Philadelphia-based coffee roaster turned nationwide retailer and a leader of direct trade coffee sourcing. As a company grown big on its beans, its mission now is to not only empower coffee lovers, but to make meaningful change both near and far. Together, we’re helping La Colombe excel their sales to further enable them to continue their goodwill campaign.

Optimizing For Coffee Lovers 

For La Colombe to do the good it does, it’s got to focus on what it does best: keeping us running with coffee. How we helped them do so is optimizing their website’s campaign for high conversion.

Hitting It With Our Best Shot

With such a diverse set of consumers that drink coffee we wanted to ensure that when people visited La Colombe’s site, they were greeted with valuable offers enticing enough for them to subscribe to the company newsletter.

Once subscribed, we could then send out a series of promotional emails, mostly consisting of contextual events and holidays in which La Colombe offered a fitting coffee plug for any occasion.

By relentlessly testing subject lines, email content, delivery times, we gathered enough data to conclude what recurring offers, days, and messages were best received by La Colombe’s consumers. 

Next, we knew that the best way to increase the long-term value of a customer was to encourage them to opt for a subscription renewal package. Every few emails consisted of an explicit reminder for people to restock. Additionally, every product page on the La Colombe site has an option for buyers to subscribe to either a recurring replenishment program for a beverage of their choice or a rotating coffee subscription for new flavors.

The Numbers Don't Lie. Retest.

The end results of our strategy were an open rate increase to 30.9% up from an industry average of 16% and an increased AOV by 18%. By adapting to what trends we saw work, we set La Colombe’s long-term-value strategy on a stronger note than it was before and on an even better pace to fulfill the missions that’ll make our world a better place.

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