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Enabling the vision of one of the most recognizable and influential athletic wear brands in the world was an opportunity to design the future for consumer-driven eCommerce. Through design strategy in mobile app development, we helped Nike further their direct-to-consumer efforts and double down on a consistent and streamlined shopping customer experience.

Enabling a Consumer-Centric Direction with an Icon

That a brand can evoke courage, action, and persistence in three words and one swoosh says how powerful its mark is. To continue building its image of empowering people worldwide to “Just do it,” Nike saw the next step in its trajectory was to take ahold of its own distribution channels and deepen its consumer connection by focusing on its DTC efforts. With G & Co.’s eCommerce development expertise, mobile app development, and retail strategy background, we helped Nike make the push to the direct-to-consumer phase a smooth expansion. 

As a brand that has instilled a drive in its customers to accomplish what they must, Nike recognizes the importance of tying a connection with consumers. In recent years, that pursuit became clearer than ever with the growing shift to eCommerce and demand from consumers to have the kind of convenience offered to them that had never been before. 

Tethering Customer Experience and the Nike Ecosystem

What we sought to accomplish with Nike was designing a digital product with a user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) as close to the brand as possible to continue enabling athletes anywhere. To do that, we took to streamlining Nike’s mobile apps to more closely align consumers with the brand’s eCommerce ecosystem. In culmination with Nike’s network of apps, among them being Nike SNKRS, Nike Run Club, and Nike Training Club, G & Co. refined and configured user flows to make it all the more possible for people to connect and make an impact in their lives one step at a time.

With the sole focus of enhancing the customer experience, the Nike mobile app development witnessed a sleek update to its eCommerce capabilities and heightened use of personalization in every user’s interactions—a key component of every successful application direct-to-consumer model. By expanding its digital offerings, Nike has invigorated athletes everywhere and is poised to bring even more inspiration and innovation to them in the years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platform does Nike use? 

Nike uses AbleCommerce for their eCommerce platform.


What frameworks does Nike use for their website?

Nike utilizes Adobe Enterprise Cloud and Adobe ColdFusion as frameworks for their website. 

What content management system does Nike use?

Nike uses Adobe Experience Manager as their content management solution for their website.

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