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Outdoor Voices
Outdoor Voices is an athletic apparel company blending the active and comfort worlds together. As a direct-to-consumer brand, Outdoor Voices’ appeal to customers is their ability to encourage people to lead more active lives through its gear built for everyday movement. Our work with them consisted of creating a landing page and campaign to encourage website visitors and existing customers to continue purchasing from OV.

Going for the Long Run

Through a partnership with Outdoor Voices’ eCommerce agency, we helped deliver an increased long-term customer value through campaign optimization and a heightened focus on the user experience.

Adopting a Strategy with Cold, Hard Facts

Our research found that the bulk of Outdoor Voices’ customer base purchased clothes online an average of 15-16 times out of the year. With this in mind, we knew that we had to be consistent enough with outreach so that out of those times a consumer goes shopping online, Outdoor Voices is a brand of their choice. 

To make sure we could tap into the existing base, we knew Outdoor Voice’s digital marketing and email campaign strategy needed to entice its customers and new website visitors with something relevant to their buying interests. That led to us employing a discounted offer to a visitor when arriving onto the page.

By submitting their email contact info, a lead would be entered into Outdoor Voices’ list. Using what we knew about Outdoor Voices’ consumer habits, we knew the optimal time to send out a promotional email needed to match up with the times its customers tend to purchase clothes.

Pushing Through Boundaries

The results of our strategy were an open rate increase to 26.3% up from an industry average of 16% and an increased AOV by 15%. By adapting to what trends we saw, we set the Outdoor Voice LTV strategy on a stronger note than it was before that set it on a path for greater digital innovation.

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