G & Co is a strategy consulting firm and digital transformation partner helping brands through strategy, data/insight, and digital innovation/product. We work with purpose led consumer goods and services.

G & Co is a certified minority business enterprise (MBE) by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) and an ANA-recognized Certified Diverse Supplier.

We help our partners improve customer experience and digital transformation through data benchmarking, industry research, and competitive intelligence.

Our Services

Transformation (01)

At the core of what we offer as a digital firm is an effective approach to creating a fulfilling and remarkable digital experience for our brands. In a more connected and accessible world, organizations must engage with customers across multiple platforms. With our strategic alignment and implementation capabilities, G & Co. helps brands take creative thinking and ideation into a tangible, memorable reality. 

Benchmarking (02)

We benchmark your digital competence relative to your industry peers to increase market competitiveness. Tracking your brand equity in a competitive landscape to drive brand preference, and deliver leading indicators to market performance. Insights are taken from dozens of specific consumer segments to make targeted and actionable recommendations. Our benchmarking improves performance by identifying and applying best demonstrated practices to operations and sales.  The objective of benchmarking is to find examples of superior performance and understand the processes and practices driving that performance. We can then help improve brands' performance by tailoring and incorporating these best practices into their own operations—not by imitating, but by innovating.

Primary and Secondary Research (03)

Through primary and secondary research we provide insight into consumers can help companies spark innovation, uncover the most promising sources of growth, and develop or maintain successful products and brands.  Qualitative and quantitative marketing research approaches, tools, and techniques help our clients discover why their customers behave as they do at every phase of their purchase decision journey, understand their customers’ experiences, and dig deeply into their best drivers of customer loyalty. By tapping into our research participants of 10,000 plus individuals we can provide a clear roadmap to out clients can develop innovative and differentiated marketing strategies that include effective value propositions, segmentation, branding, product design, pricing, and customer experiences.

Digital Strategy
& Innovation (04)

Today’s world demands much innovation and progression. In an ever-changing market landscape, we recognize the power of strategic thinking and offer our consumer-centric insights to clients. Our ability to help them pivot and accelerate business solutions is paramount to ensuring we help them become and stay relevant. 

Web & Mobile
Applications (05)

We couple our specialization in web and mobile apps with consumer-centric objectives to achieve the utmost customer satisfaction. Our experience in helping enterprise brands with digital products across various user bases and platforms makes us capable of handling projects with great scale and agility, working in React Native, Flutter, Kotlin, and others to build the best apps in the space. 

Commerce (06)

Our ability to enable brands with the consultation, ideation, and implementation of eCommerce solutions worldwide is what attracted some of the most iconic enterprise names to count on our team. We partner with all major eCommerce platforms—including the complete Adobe suite, Salesforce Commerce, and Shopify Plus—to deploy the best-in-class eCommerce and omnichannel experiences there are to offer. 


The goal of any brand should be to connect and identify with its customers to the extent that they feel empowered and heard. With user research and best adherence to retention and seamless interactions, G & Co. can help you take a consumer-centric approach and ensure every touchpoint builds upon an exceptional experience made to stand out from competitors. 
About G & Co.

What we do(01)

We are a strategic consulting for retail & consumer goods brands and fashion, apparel, and luxury names. We hone in on their most pressing issues and presenting solutions to the challenges at hand. Through the illustration and execution of a brand-aligned strategy, we create opportunities for our clients in the retail & consumer goods and fashion, luxury, and apparel space that bring them closer to their missions.

Why we do it(02)

Markets always evolve and new challenges arise. We’re here to bring clarity to retail & consumer brands in their road ahead, supporting their missions to better serve their customers in any way we are able. Through a diverse set of talents and capabilities, we empower retail & consumer brands and clients in the fashion, luxury, and apparel space with impactful direction and decisive action.

How we do it(03)

Through competition mapping and benchmarking against industry peers, we help gather valuable insights for retail & consumer brands and fashion, luxury, and apparel names. Our team of creative thinkers, strategists, and data scientists offers industry specialization to our perspective, providing a clear perception of competitors and the overall market for our clients.
Kevin Sonof,
VP, Strategy
Gerardo Belaskus, VP, Creative

150+ Strategists & Innovators

Estella Mahone,
Juan Gonzalez,
Founder & CEO
Adrian Garnica,

G & Co. a strategy consulting firm and digital transformation partner helping brands through strategy, data/insight, and digital innovation/product.

We focus on enabling enhanced customer experience and digital transformation through data benchmarking, industry research, and market and brand intelligence.

G & Co. is a full-service firm made up of diverse talents and perspectives. We’re a strategy consulting firm that fulfills the promise of empowering every brand, one project at a time. 


50+ Strategist & Innovators

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Which consulting firm is best for retail?

When considering which retail consulting firm to choose from, the firm’s mission, ability, and experience must be evaluated. At G & Co., we offer a wide range of services – from being a UX/UI design deliverable partner to data benchmarking and market & competition mapping, to offering actionable insight sand developing strategic roadmaps that help brands achieve their missions. Our wide range of services and abilities are backed by years of experience within the retail & consumer goods and apparel, fashion, luxury industries, combined with a diverse set of analytical and creative talent.

While there are many retail consulting firms available, we deeply believe that by keeping the optimal customer experience in mind, we can help brands accomplish their goals while ultimately satisfying the consumer – a feat we strive for within any engagement. If you represent a retail & consumer goods or apparel, fashion, luxury brand seeking retail consulting backed by robust experience, reach out to us at hello@g-co.agency or submit a request form.

How much does a retail consultant charge?

Most retail consulting firms charge an hourly fee for each engagement with the motive of making as much money from their clients as possible. At G & Co., we detest this model as it becomes easy for these retail consultancies to deceive their clients by falsifying the amount of hours they worked – ultimately causing the client to pay for work that was not actually performed. Instead, we price each engagement fairly depending on the scope of work for a particular engagement and agree on intermediate payout points throughout the project. By charging our clients in this way, the amount of money each engagement costs is negotiated up-front and our clients can rest assured that they are receiving quality retail consulting without being charged for additional work.

What are the KPIs tracked in retail consulting?

While there are many key performance indicators (KPIs) that retail & consumer goods and apparel, fashion, luxury brands track, our consulting tactics focus on improving conversion rates, customer acquisition, and customer retention. With our primary goal of enhancing the customer experience for our clients, we feel that these KPIs are the most useful in determining the success of our consulting efforts as they are directly correlated to an intriguing, memorable, and familiar customer-brand interaction.

How do you measure the success of a retail consultant?

At G & Co., we believe that consulting experience begets a reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable retail consultant. Experience is not the only factor in determining the success of a consultant, however. The philosophy behind our retail consulting methodology is based on our ability to assess the objectives of our clients, advising them on whether or not a particular want will translate into accomplishing a mission, and prioritizing which actions should take place to reach their goals.

Our vast amount of experience has allowed us to gain substantial knowledge within the retail space which we deploy in every engagement. Each project gives us the opportunity to learn something new about the retail & consumer goods and apparel, fashion, luxury industries. If you represent a retail & consumer goods and apparel, fashion, luxury brand and are in need of experience-backed consulting services, we would love to hear from you! Contact us at hello@g-co.agency, or submit a request form to get started.

What does a retail & consumer goods consultant do?

Oftentimes, retail &consumer goods brands reach a point where they desire to continue growing and improving, but struggle to find innovative ways in which they can. This point is typically where retail & consumer goods brands reach out to retail consultants who aid in developing actionable strategies to help brands reach their missions and objectively identify which items can be improved upon to maximize their successes.

Our experience with industry benchmarking and tailored competitive and competitor intelligence efforts works to our advantage when consulting with retail brands. We possess a comprehensive understanding and knowledge-base surrounding market trends within the retail & consumer goods and apparel, fashion, luxury spaces which act as insight for identifying best-practices brands should deploy to stay on-par with industry leaders.

What do you consider to be a retail & consumer goods brand as a retail consulting firm?

As a holistic retail consulting firm, we have a wide variety of experience with all types of retail brands from apparel, fashion, and luxury to consumer goods brands. Our definition of a consumer goods brand is one that produces, promotes, and sells a variety of goods that individuals and households purchase and use on a daily basis. These consumer goods include packaged food items, cleaning products, makeup, etc. Some popular consumer goods brands we have worked with and admire include Target, Walmart, Apostrophe, and Nestle SA.

What do you consider to be a retail brand as a retail consulting firm?

In the general sense, retailers are a collection of brands or products that align with themselves with a refined, specialized, and bespoke brand vision. Retailers use strategic marketing and branding tactics to enhance brand positioning – ultimately creating a cohesive and memorable brand and customer experience for the consumer. The foundation of brand positioning for retailers is influenced by propositions offered by brands, such as quality, exclusivity, legacy, specialty, etc. – all of which make up a retailer’s brand identity. Consumers become familiar with and begin to trust a retailer, subsequently increasing customer loyalty and retention.

In the current digital age of online shopping, the nuance of brand positioning for retailers has become especially reliant on a retailer’s eCommerce efforts to keep brand identity strong and customers satisfied. G & Co.’s experience in assisting brands with creating bespoke eCommerce products is central to our mission of delivering excellent customer experiences for each touch point between brand and consumer.

Generally, we believe that a streamlined, cohesive, and familiar customer experience is the most important facet of sustaining a retailer’s brand identity and upholding customer acquisition and retention. We offer consulting services for each part of the retail experience, from retailers to the brands they promote, to assist retailers in accomplishing their overall missions.

What is an apparel, fashion, luxury brand consultant?

At large, the apparel, fashion, luxury industries encompass an array of brands that produce a variety of products ranging from clothing items, to jewelry, to sportswear and beyond. While brands within the apparel, fashion, luxury spaces can be considered similar or even equal, the nuance in their differences, such as target audience, brand identity, brand mission, and product quality, make each vertical unique, and each brand niche within the industry it lies.

G & Co.’s diverse repertoire of prior engagements with apparel, fashion, and luxury brands gives our clients confidence in our ability to tailor each project to their mission. Our consulting services are based on the primary goal of enhancing the customer experience. From industry benchmarking and visualizing competitive landscapes, to conducting primary and secondary consumer research, we make a promise to align our end-goal with the missions of our clients.

What does an apparel, fashion, luxury consultant do?

G & Co.’s primary focus as an apparel, fashion, luxury consultant is crafting the ultimate customer experience. Our belief is that by constantly keeping the customer experience in mind throughout each part of a consulting engagement, our clients will be able to reach their goals and accomplished their missions – albeit boosting customer acquisition or retention, digitally transforming their UX/UI, or gaining competitive and competitor intelligence to keep up with industry standards.

What do you consider to be an apparel, fashion, luxury brand as a retail consulting firm?

Unlike retailers, apparel, fashion, luxury brands are typically stand-alone and do not promote or sell products from different brands. G & Co.’s idea of an apparel, fashion, luxury brand is one that produces high quality products such as clothing, jewelry, athletic wear, among a variety of other things. Our breadth of experience within the retail space has familiarized us with various apparel, fashion, luxury brands who typically have niche missions aimed at attracting and satisfying a target audience. Much like retailers, these brand shave their own unique brand personality and many loyal customers who are devoted to what the brand promotes. Our favorite examples of apparel, fashion, luxury brands that we have worked with include Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Lululemon, and many more.

What is a customer experience consultant?

Customer experience is essentially a measure of customer satisfaction and bill of health for brands. For retail & consumer goods and apparel, fashion, luxury brands, in particular, customer experience is the culmination of experiences from various touchpoints and interactions between consumer and brand. As a customer experience consulting firm, we dissect each of these interactions and analyze them to identify what areas of improvement our clients can act upon.

Our analysis combined with our competitive and competitor intelligence efforts allow us to develop actionable, strategy-driven roadmaps to ensure that brands not only know what to improve, but how to improve every nuance of their customer’s experience. Our diverse set of talents, breadth of experience within the retail space, and primary focus on delivering a bespoke customer experience help our clients reach their missions with the promise of offering best-in-class practices.

What does a customer experience strategist do?

Similar to our consulting efforts, the overall goal that we strive to reach at G & Co. is crafting the ultimate customer experience. We believe that by striving to do so, all aims, missions, and goals of retail & consumer goods and apparel, fashion, luxury brands seeking our consulting efforts can be achieved.

While enhancing the overall customer experience is our primary focus, our ability to align our efforts with the missions of our clients’ combined with our diverse set of engagements results in strategic and consulting skills that are unmatched. We offer all our clients actionable, insight-driven strategies to help them achieve the ultimate customer experience – whether they’re looking to expand their online presence or perform a digital transformation, derive an innovative plan-of-action that propels their company forward, or map out their market and competitive landscape to outperform your competitors.

What is customer experience with regards to consulting?

Every engagement with G & Co. for our retail & consumer goods and apparel, fashion, luxury clients has the end goal of creating and enhancing the best possible customer experience for the brand's target audience. Our definition of customer experience is the sum total of experiences from every touchpoint and interaction between the customer and brand. We treat these touchpoints and interactions like variables in a science experiment – we observe, measure, and analyze each interaction to determine areas of improvement or where industry best-practices can be implemented.

Our customer experience consulting methods include industry benchmarking, conducting primary consumer surveys via a selective secret shopper network, analyzing market trends through competition and market mapping, and more. Our collection and analysis of exploratory and specific data and thorough research allows us to develop an actionable strategy for apparel, fashion, and luxury brands to get them closer to accomplishing their missions and achieving their goals. We strive to maintain alignment with our client’s brand personality to offer a bespoke and elevated customer experience overall.

What is benchmarking in consulting?

One way we help our clients identify areas of improvement is by benchmarking their competitors and the top players in their industry. By collecting data on retail & consumer goods and apparel, fashion, luxury brands’ industry competitors, we are able to identify areas of improvement and where best practices can be applied. Our benchmarking services help substantiate our consulting efforts and allow us to create data and insight-driven, actionable strategies to help our clients be the top name in their industry.

From conducting primary consumer surveys to observing various consumer touchpoints and interactions through a selective secret-shopper network to compiling data research on market trends, consumer habits, and services offered by competitors industry-wide, we make sure that our consulting services are holistic, thorough, and tailored to each engagement and our client’s needs. If you are a brand interested in gaining more insight into your industry and competitors, reach out to us to inquire about our benchmarking efforts at hello@g-co.agency, or submit a request form.

How does benchmarking help retail & consumer goods companies?

G & Co.’s benchmarking services for retail & consumer goods and apparel, fashion, luxury brands bring insight on how their strategic efforts and branding tactics fare against industry competition. Generally speaking, brands move up in their industry ranks by understanding what tools and methods are used by their competitors that keep them at the top of the leaderboard. While observation and application of these methods act as a pathway to increasing brand awareness, measuring their implementation through benchmarking is a way to comprehend their efficacy.

What is competitive intelligence and what does a competitive intelligence team do?

The general result of our benchmarking, research, and analytical efforts is the accumulation of competitive and competitor intelligence for our clients. By benchmarking and gathering data on retail & consumer goods and apparel, fashion, luxury brands’ direct competitors, we provide competitor insights to brands and visualize their competitive landscape. We use this intelligence to develop strategic plans of action for our clients to deploy and become top performers in their verticals.

What Is G & Co. Agency?

G & Co is a consulting company that ranks among the top digital transformation consulting firms and brand strategy consulting firms. As partners, they assist clients with data insights, strategy, and digital transformation projects to enhance customer experiences. The company focuses on serving purpose-driven consumer goods and digital transformation services.

This company has received recognition as a certified minority enterprise by the NMSDC and is recognized as a diverse supplier by the ANA. It supports its partners in improving their digital presence through industry research, data benchmarking, and competitive intelligence analysis.

What Does G & Co. Agency Do, and How Do They Do It?

G & Co is a digital transformation consulting firm that serves retail, consumer goods, fashion, apparel, and luxury brands. The company identifies and addresses its client's most pressing challenges and presents effective solutions.

By executing a brand-aligned digital transformation strategy consulting, G & Co creates opportunities for their clients in the retail and fashion industries, bringing them closer to their mission and goals.

The team of experts, consisting of creative thinkers, strategists, and data scientists, offers industry specialization that gives their clients a clear understanding of their competitors and the overall market.

By gathering this information, G & Co helps their clients make informed decisions and achieve their goals in the retail and fashion industries.

What Services Does G & Co. Offer?

G & Co is among the best digital transformation consulting firms prioritizing creating exceptional and memorable digital experiences for brands. In an accessible and connected world, organizations need to engage with consumers across multiple platforms.

The firm benchmarks clients' digital capabilities against industry peers to increase market competitiveness and track their brand equity in the competitive landscape.

Through primary or secondary research, it provides insights into consumer behavior, helping companies spark innovation and develop successful products and brands. Recognizing the power of strategic thinking in a market landscape, the firm offers consumer insights to clients.

G & Co's expertise in eCommerce solutions and its ability to implement them worldwide has attracted many iconic enterprise names to rely on its team. It uses user research and customer-centric objectives to provide web and mobile app solutions that achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Why Does G & Co. Agency Do What It Does to Enhance Digital Capabilities?

With new challenges constantly arising, the firm recognizes the need for clarity and direction for its clients and is dedicated to providing just that.

Thanks to its diverse range of talents and capabilities, G & Co empowers brands with impactful direction and decisive action, helping them to serve their customers better and achieve their missions.

The firm's commitment to its clients is reflected in its unwavering dedication to finding the best solutions for the challenges. They believe that by bringing clarity to their clients' path forward, they can help them succeed in an increasingly complex market.

To stay ahead of the curve, G & Co is constantly evolving and adapting its approach to meet its clients' needs better. The company profoundly understands the retail and fashion industries and uses its expertise to provide its clients with the insights and guidance they need to stay ahead of the competition.

With a focus on creative thinking and strategic planning, G & Co helps its clients stay one step ahead in a constantly evolving market.