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eCommerce Agency & Consulting Firm

G & Co., a standout eCommerce specialist, delivers innovative solutions in the evolving digital commerce environment. With a commitment to quality and unrivaled market knowledge, we equip businesses to navigate eCommerce intricacies, achieving remarkable successes.

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G & Co. has over 7+ years of experience working with Adobe Experience Cloud, helping clients to implement, integrate and optimize the platform to drive business results.
G & Co. has a team of more than 25 employees who are certified experts across the Adobe platform.
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eCommerce Agency & Consulting Firm Services

As the leading eCommerce specialist and strategic adviser, G & Co. provides an all-encompassing array of services crafted to incite transformational results for our clientele. Concentrating on metrics-informed strategies, customer-focused experiences, and nimble operations, we bolster businesses to maximize their online visibility, amplify customer interaction, optimize logistical operations, and discover untapped sources of revenue. Our superior knowledge and time-tested approaches enable clients to reach their eCommerce ambitions and propel their business performance to new heights.

Social Media

At G & Co., we bring about a transformation in how businesses use social media for growth and customer interaction. With our deep-rooted understanding of advanced analytics, content enhancements, and strategic audience targeting, we elevate brand visibility, cultivate significant relationships, and push for meaningful conversions, resulting in noticeable improvements in social media performance and business metrics.


G & Co. elevates content strategies to new heights. Utilizing meticulous research, insights drawn from reliable data, and superior creative prowess, we assist businesses in sculpting captivating narratives that engage audiences, spark interactions, and nurture brand fidelity.

Paid Social

G & Co. is your key to unlocking the limitless possibilities of paid social advertisements. Our advanced targeting techniques, optimization methodologies, and strategies rooted in ROI ensure superlative results by enhancing ad effectiveness, extending reach, and catalyzing conversions.

Influencer Marketing

At G & Co., we are reinventing influencer marketing for businesses. Our wide-reaching network, insights anchored in data, and strategic partnerships enable us to fully utilize influencer collaborations, thereby boosting brand recognition, trustworthiness, and conversion rates.


Blending detailed market analysis, precise customer segmentation, and inventive campaigns, G & Co. equips businesses to propel meaningful growth, forge a robust brand identity, and outshine competition.

UX/UI Design

G & Co. is redefining UX/UI design for businesses. Our empathetic approach to design, insights derived from data, and innovative prototypes all contribute to the creation of user experiences that not only captivate but also convert.

Web Development

Employing state-of-the-art technologies, flexible methodologies, and a steadfast focus on user experience, G & Co. designs visually appealing, high-performing websites that increase customer interaction, lead to conversions, and propel business expansion.

Maintenance & Monitoring

G & Co. enhances maintenance and monitoring processes for businesses. Through vigilant monitoring, swift resolution of issues, and ongoing improvements in performance, we ensure seamless operations, reduce risks, and improve website dependability, letting our clients focus their energies on their core business pursuits.
Learn how Nike expertly curated its direct-to-consumer strategy through a meticulously refined digital experience.
Learn how Marriott Bonvoy successfully reimagined the travel experience by embracing a digital platform-driven approach.
Learn how Psycho Bunny reimagined their design for an optimized shopping experience.
Read how Burberry revolutionized the luxury fashion landscape with a groundbreaking digital transformation in commerce.

Our Impact as an eCommerce Agency & Consulting Firm

At G & Co., we take on the pivotal challenges businesses encounter in the constantly changing world of eCommerce. Harnessing the power of state-of-the-art technologies, insights informed by data, and our profound understanding of the industry, we enable our clients to surmount obstacles such as market overcrowding, escalating costs of customer acquisition, intricate supply chains, and rapid digital shifts. Our all-inclusive solutions and customized strategies allow businesses to fortify their market standing, refine operations, catalyze long-lasting growth, and discover fresh prospects in the intensely competitive realm of eCommerce.

Market Entry Strategy

We equip our clients with an astute approach to entering markets. Via extensive market evaluation, competitive insight, and tailor-made strategies, we direct our clients to discover untapped possibilities, minimize risks, and succeed in their expansion to new markets, thereby laying a solid foundation for enduring growth and competitive superiority.

Conversion Optimization

At G & Co., we bring about a significant transformation in conversion rates for our clients. By performing exhaustive user studies, executing experiments backed by data, and enhancing customer journeys, we boost website efficacy, push for elevated conversions, and unlock latent revenue sources, thereby fueling consistent business expansion.

Supply Chain Optimization

We are reshaping supply chain processes for our clients. Using comprehensive assessment, process enhancements, and forward-thinking technology solutions, we refine inventory handling, simplify logistics, and cut down costs, thus empowering our clients to realize operational effectiveness, quicker order fulfillment, and improved customer contentment.

Customer Experience Enhancement

G & Co. elevates customer experiences for clients. By capitalizing on UX/UI design, personalized approaches, and insights rooted in data, we devise seamless, captivating journeys that encourage customer loyalty, bolster conversions, and prompt continuous business growth in the highly competitive realm of eCommerce.

Digital Marketing Strategy

At G & Co., we redefine digital marketing for our clients. Through strategic planning, targeting informed by data, and novel campaigns, we magnify brand visibility, generate high-quality leads, and maximize marketing ROI, empowering our clients to remain at the forefront of the digital terrain and realize impressive business growth.

Data Analytics and Insights

G & Co. unlocks the power of data for clients. By employing advanced analytics, machine learning, and actionable insights, we facilitate decisions informed by data, perfect customer segmentation, enrich marketing strategies, and uncover hidden opportunities, thereby driving enduring business growth in the dynamic eCommerce landscape.


"G & Co. is a dynamic, resourceful, and engaging team that can dive in, collaborate across teams, and deliver actionable insights. I would recommend them for any company that requires strategic thinking and leadership."

"Upon reviewing multiple alternatives, our selection fell on G & Co., - a choice that has been absolutely precise from the very start. This collaboration has brought forth immense value and positivity for Nike, making it an exceptionally gratifying endeavor."

"G & Co.'s team exemplifies strategic expertise and fearless innovation. Their commitment to solving complex problems is commendable."

"G & Co. is a blend of passion, collaboration, and unmatched digital expertise, always exceeding our business expectations."

Aaron Bellack
Manager, Marketplace Operations
Saks Fifth Avenue
Alexandra Reed
Director, Digital Marketing EMEA
Akio Tanaka
Senior Director, Digital Transformation
Patricia Miller
Senior Director, Customer Experience
Enterprise Airline

Our Expertise as an eCommerce Agency & Consulting Firm

G & Co. possesses unparalleled expertise in the realm of digital commerce. Our team of industry experts and thought leaders brings an insightful grasp of the complex dynamics, burgeoning trends, and established best practices within the eCommerce domain. This profound understanding equips us to provide customized solutions, strategic counsel, and practical insights to our enterprise clientele. Thus, we empower them to traverse the convolutions of the digital ecosystem with assurance, culminating in striking successes.

Extensive eCommerce Experience

G & Co. stands out through its extensive eCommerce experience. Our track record of triumphant client engagements testifies to the depth of domain knowledge, industry acumen, and comprehensive understanding of the eCommerce landscape that our team possesses. This invaluable expertise equips our clients to navigate the hurdles and leverage the opportunities within the ever-evolving eCommerce sector.

Data-Driven Approach

G & Co. sets itself apart with a method deeply rooted in data. Utilizing advanced analytics, market studies, and cutting-edge tech, we give our clients the power to make educated decisions, refine strategies, and fuel enduring growth based on key insights drawn from data-centric analyses.

Holistic Solutions

At G & Co., we present our clients with all-encompassing solutions that cover the entire eCommerce spectrum. From strategic planning to execution and enhancement, our inclusive approach ensures business aspects are in harmony, enabling our clients to realize smooth operations, elevated customer experiences, and rapid growth within the competitive eCommerce space.

Seamless Integration

We equip eCommerce clients with our expertise in flawless integration. We synchronize platforms, unify data, and amalgamate systems to boost operational efficiency. Our comprehensive approach guarantees a consistent customer experience across various channels, optimizing processes, and catalyzing revenue growth.

Customer-Centric Strategies

Here at G & Co., we are transforming eCommerce with our customer-focused strategies. Through exhaustive market evaluation, we pinpoint customer pain points and devise tailor-made solutions. Our data-informed approach facilitates effective targeting, segmentation, and personalization of experiences, nurturing customer loyalty and maximizing lifetime value.

Agile Operations

G & Co. supports eCommerce clients to flourish through agile operations. We adopt lean methodologies, refine supply chain management, and harness digital technologies to augment responsiveness and efficiency. Our nimble approach allows swift adaptation to market trends, reduces risks, and empowers clients to capitalize on growth opportunities.
53% increase in online campaign-driven conversion rate for Prime membership
102+ million people reached after implementation of user experience design
162% increase in online direct-to-consumer conversion
38% Uplift in brand eCommerce redesign impacting customer retention
Robust strategy delivered to meet $10 billion revenue goal by 2027
Mobile app design created from start to finish in 2-month timeline
23 million impressions generated to bolster customer retention and loyalty
Redesign accomplished in 3 months.
478% increase in campaign reach with new market targeting
100+ delivers & consumers benchmarked across the United States for a 3-month survey
Full-scale, responsive UX/UI design for desktop, mobile, and tablet created in 2 months
1 million downloads of the Toyota app for convenient, vehicle management
1 million downloads of the Toyota app for convenient, vehicle management
Full-scale, responsive UX/UI design for desktop, mobile, and tablet created in 2 months
100+ delivers & consumers benchmarked across the United States for a 3-month survey
478% increase in campaign reach with new market targeting
Redesign accomplished in 3 months.
23 million impressions generated to bolster customer retention and loyalty
Mobile app design created from start to finish in 2-month timeline
Robust strategy delivered to meet $10 billion revenue goal by 2027
38% Uplift in brand eCommerce redesign impacting customer retention
162% increase in online direct-to-consumer conversion
102+ million people reached after implementation of user experience design
53% increase in online campaign-driven conversion rate for Prime membership


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How can your firm's eCommerce expertise benefit enterprise businesses?

Our experienced digital marketing team can provide your enterprise business with custom strategies to help achieve success. We specialize in providing comprehensive services for market entry, conversion optimization, customer experience improvement, and data analytics/insights. Our record of successful eCommerce engagements is a testament to our ability to create the resources needed for development and long-term growth. We offer assistance when it comes to supply chain optimization, all while ensuring that your brand benefits from improved online visibility through effective advertising tactics.

What value does your firm bring to enterprise companies in eCommerce strategy and execution?

Our firm is highly regarded in the ecommerce consulting industry as a provider of valuable strategies and execution. As one of the most distinguished eCommerce marketing companies, we create specialized digital marketing plans backed up by experienced consultants with excellent skills for all your needs. Whether it is a market penetration plan, conversion optimization, supply chain enhancement, or customer experience refinement, we have you covered. Our expertise also includes providing data analytics advice to further enhance your strategies.

Through our partnership, you are assured that no matter how fierce competition gets, your company’s development goals will remain on track in this dynamic online business realm.

How does your firm stay updated with eCommerce trends and technologies?

We ensure our company is up to date on the trends and advancements of eCommerce by participating in industry events, consulting specialists, and regularly reading related publications. Keeping track of developments in this landscape helps us deliver innovative services that keep clients ahead and open new possibilities.

How does your firm analyze and understand our target market for effective eCommerce strategies?

To guarantee the success of your online business, our company carries out extensive market research. This involves surveys, interviews, focus groups and customer observation to gain insights into what resonates with your target demographic.  Armed with these findings, we can create eCommerce strategies tailored around your target audience’s desires and preferences. This includes search engine optimization techniques, such as producing captivating content, and leveraging social media platforms for increased reach.

How does your firm ensure smooth platform integration during transitions?

At our company, we have a deep knowledge of eCommerce and use an analytics-based approach to ensure an efficient transition. We take into account all perspectives when detecting any issues that may arise so solutions can be implemented swiftly for a smooth integration process.

Our proficiency in platform merging ensures your business’s success with regard to the digital side while leaving you free time for other concerns related to running the enterprise effectively.

How can your firm's customer-centric strategies drive revenue growth for our enterprise?

Our tactics emphasize providing personalized customer experiences to bolster loyalty and bring about boosted profitability. To understand the needs of customers, we implement data analytics that give us a better idea on how best to get their attention, promote engagement, and increase the success rate for revenue objectives.

By looking at what your consumers want and need from you in this ever-changing eCommerce landscape, our strategies can assist with long-term growth prosperity for your business.

How does your firm personalize customer experiences to improve loyalty and lifetime value?

Our organization makes use of customer data to generate personalized experiences that are tailored around consumer needs and preferences. We can design individualized encounters which promote commitment from customers and enhance their lifetime value.

Not only do these customized experiences enhance consumer fulfillment, but they also encourage repeat business for your online store. This ensures sustained success in the long run.

How can your firm keep our enterprise competitive by adapting to market trends and leveraging emerging eCommerce technologies?

Our firm enables your enterprise to remain competitive and take advantage of the newest eCommerce advances, utilizing nimble tactics that promptly adjust to changing market conditions. Our services provide you with optimal solutions for excelling in today’s digital business environment through keeping pace with emerging trends and technologies.

Global Leadership

We’re 100+ individuals from across the world driven by innovation and diverse perspectives. We craft your brands innovations for the world of tomorrow.
Adrian Garnica
As the President of G & Co., Adrian is a visionary leader responsible for driving growth, managing teams, and fostering client relationships. With a proven track record at McKinsey and R/GA, Adrian has successfully developed and executed strategic visions, led consultant teams, secured major clients such as Nike, Google, and Louis Vuitton, and ensured top-quality project delivery. Adrian's expertise lies in scaling, operations, and client-agency collaboration.
Kevin Sonof
VP, Strategy
Kevin serves G & Co. as VP of Strategy, bringing an accomplished strategist perspective for driving growth, delivering high-quality consulting projects, and cultivating client relationships. With expertise in market research, cross-functional collaboration, and staying abreast of industry trends, Kevin has successfully worked with renowned brands such as AT&T, Verizon, Google, Facebook, and Coca-Cola.
Jimena Robles
Head of Marketing & Experience
As the Head of Marketing & Experience at G & Co. Jimena employs her skill of spearheading enterprise creative strategies and roadmaps. She previously oversaw client engagements at Edelman and Essence.
Juan Manuel Gonzalez
Chief Executive Officer
As the CEO of G & Co., Juan is a visionary leader driving the company's strategic direction and growth. With expertise in executive leadership, business development, and relationship management, Juan has successfully developed and executed business plans, expanded the firm's market presence, and worked with renowned brands such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Levi’s, and Coca-Cola while taking the company to a worldwide presence and expanding to more than fifty employees. He has been recognized by the CFDA, ANA, Wall Street Journal, and Inc.
Estella Mahone
Chief Financial Officer
Estella is a seasoned financial leader responsible for developing strategies, ensuring compliance, and optimizing financial stability. With expertise in financial planning, analysis, and risk management, Estella collaborates cross-functionally to drive strategic decision-making and enabling client missions.
Francisco Chung
VP, Digital
Francisco is a dynamic leader driving business growth through digital innovation. With a proven track record of developing and executing digital strategies, Francisco leads teams, identifies opportunities, and delivers tailored solutions for clients. With a rich background working with brands like Apple, Sony, and General Electric, he brings extensive expertise in driving growth, optimizing operations, and fostering strong collaboration with clients. His achievements have been recognized during his tenure as Creative Technical Director at Isobar, frog, and Material.
Jeff MacBride
VP, Project Management
Jeff excels in developing and implementing effective project management strategies. With a strong track record in leading teams and collaborating cross-functionally, Jeff ensures successful project delivery, client satisfaction, and continuous improvement. Having served renowned clients and brands, Jeff's expertise in scaling operations and fostering a collaborative culture is backed by achievements at Lockheed Martin and as an adjunct professor in project management.
Shaelyn Ventrano
Senior Project Coordinator
As our Senior Project Coordinator, Shaelyn's expertise lies in coordinating project activities and ensuring seamless execution. With a background as a Cryptologic Linguist and Division Lead in the US Navy, Shaelyn brings exceptional organizational and communication skills to the team to help monitor project progress, facilitate collaboration, and maintain meticulous documentation. Clients value Shaelyn's proactive approach, timely updates, and attentive service. Her dedication to process improvement and sharing best practices showcases her commitment to excellence in project management.
Jacob Wright
VP, Growth
Jacob helps G & Co. in his capacity to drive market expansion and revenue growth through strategic initiatives. With a strong business development track record in working with renowned brands like Nespresso, MGM Resorts, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, and Unilever, Jacob develops comprehensive growth plans, leveraging industry best practices, analyzing key performance indicators to identifiy areas for improvement and fosters a culture of collaboration and achievement. Prior experience at leading agencies includes roles as an Account Manager, Strategist, and Director of Strategy.
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