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Our work with one of the industry-leading athleisure brands in Lululemon resulted in one of the most intuitive and user-friendly apps available. With Lululemon’s active and mindful aesthetic and G & Co’s product development, user experience (UX), and user interface (UI) design depth, we produced the ultimate one-stop-shop for all things athletic gear and community-generated inspiration.

As a brand built on innovative and determined principles, Lululemon set out on introducing to the world the single best athletic gear eCommerce application. To do that, G & Co. tapped into its mobile app development and web design skills to make Lululemon’s wishes a reality. 

Sweat Equity for Brand Equity

What we sought to accomplish in creating Lululemon’s app experience was simple: allow users to seamlessly explore all Lululemon has to offer. From showcasing its moving community, its mobile eCommerce store, and finding any one of its more than 400 shops all in one convenient place, our approach in designing the user experience flow involved carefully thinking about the most efficient and logical paths Lululemon customers would utilize. That meant making each facet of Lululemon’s brand visible upon app launch so any user could navigate the app with incredible ease and enjoyment.  

Delivering a clear way for users to choose their next piece of athletic gear and find a community to help break some sweat out was the centerpiece of our app design focus. Any user experience agency knows the single most important aspect of any web design project is to create with the consumer in mind. By marketing and launching to people looking to get their sweat on with the best gear possible, we knew we could succeed in helping Lululemon build a mobile app that promoted its mission to break a daily sweat with just taps away.

Lifestyle and eCommerce, in One Mobile App

By focusing on directing customers’ attention to some of the most foundational features in Lululemon’s wheelhouse, we clearly structured the athletic wear brand’s eCommerce page, store locator, and community pages front and center for accessible use.

Through an eclectic process of bringing the most poignant attributes of Lululemon’s brand, we created an intuitive user experience in a mobile app that is sure to continue empowering people to be all in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platform does Lululemon use? 

Lululemon uses Oracle Commerce for their eCommerce platform.


What frameworks does Lululemon use?

Lululemon utilizes Adobe Enterprise Cloud and Java EE as frameworks for their website. 

What content delivery network does Lululemon use?

Lululemon utilizes Akamai as their content delivery network.

What content management system does Lululemon use?

Lululemon uses Atlassian Cloud as their content management solution for their website. 

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