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Audience Segmentation • Benchmarking • Digital Media Measurement • Trends and Forecasting
G & Co. has helped enable Target to hone in on its grasp of affordable yet trendy activewear offerings without sacrificing its holding on the home and beauty product space. By critically thinking about the current activewear landscape and the designated demographic for whom Target should court, we were able to create an ideal positioning strategy among the cost-effective retail athleisure space.

Key Consumer for Mass Market Activewear

After we discerned the specific target demographic within Target’s existing customers, we settled on the key themes best crafted to present Target as more than a retailer with multiple offerings, but rather everything a modern consumer could need for everyday living and a chic selection of quality apparel, particularly in the growing segment of activewear and athleisure—something the key stakeholders at Target knew well would grow to become a $200 billion market by 2025. 

To further push Target’s initiative in gaining a greater foothold in the activewear space, it first needed to understand what changes to make as Target optimized its strategy derived on our findings with existing shopper segmentations and expand on its strengths while eliminating shortcoming factors. Knowing the activewear industry appealed to primarily younger consumers, we set a survey to put our hypothesis to the test by assembling ideal customer profiles based on our benchmarking of more than 900 activewear brands. Furthermore, through 5,000 data points measuring digital competence on online retail and social presence, we uncovered that a majority of the activewear audience—at 60%—was made up of women, and that the 25-44 age group was among the biggest of spenders in the space.

Looking beyond the growing market capitalization among activewear brands compared to other apparel groups, we distilled our findings to further refine our approach for how Target should appeal to its desired audience. The attribution of audience segments and behaviors among them allowed us to pinpoint our communication strategy to ensure the best rates of customer acquisition possible.

The Pivot

After honing in on Target’s shopper segmentation for its apparel selection, we had greater clarity in our marketing approach with our desired customer demographic.

At the forefront of segmenting and utilizing this data, we were able to identify the best practices for appealing to our designated audience, including influencing Target’s paid media approach to reach tech-savvy mobile users and optimizing the collection visibility for its more than 1,800 locations across the country. Additionally, our findings helped construct the creative direction of Target’s marketing campaign.

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