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Data & Analytics Agency & Consulting Firm

G & Co.’s prowess in the field of data and analytics stand out from today’s crowd of agencies and consulting firms. With the power of data at our disposal, we’re equipped to provide enterprise brands with the forward-looking and consumer-centric strategy needed to succeed in an ever-evolving market landscape. With G & Co. at your side, your brand is assured to have reliable and real-time insights to aid your decision-making for a leading edge in the industry.

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G & Co. has over 7+ years of experience working with Adobe Experience Cloud, helping clients to implement, integrate and optimize the platform to drive business results.
G & Co. has a team of more than 25 employees who are certified experts across the Adobe platform.
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Data & Analytics Agency & Consulting Firm Services

G & Co. offers a range of services to provide the most comprehensive strategy available for your business to thrive. As a consumer-driven agency and consulting firm, we conduct primary and secondary research and business intelligence solutions made to provide the most impactful results. Through the combined efforts of our strategic team and garnering of real-time and deep insight, we’re able to help brands not only find actionable solutions but understand the rationale and behind them and their path to implementation.


At G & Co., we diagnose your brand’s current circumstances before we prescribe solutions. By better understanding your standing and desired objectives, we can leverage our ability to garner data and delve into specific areas that shine the light on what areas of opportunity we uncover, and which have the potential for the greatest impact possible. Through this method, we’ve been able to lead our clients to build competitive edges over industry peers and create an unparalleled advantage.

Business Intelligence

Decision-making is better when you’re able to identify patterns and recognize potential shortfalls or opportunities to address. Our team of strategists is here to uncover troves of data that help us paint a clear picture of your brand and see what to make of it. With G & Co., we help your brand not just gather insights but visualize them in an easy to understand way to help you act on them in the most fruitful manner possible, prioritizing initiatives with high levels of impact and effecting change.

Performance Analytics

As a consumer-driven agency and analytic consulting firm, G & Co. emphasizes the power of performance analytics tools to evaluate the effectiveness of your brand’s marketing efforts. We focus on optimization strategies to better refine your approach, eliminate drawbacks, and seize on readily available opportunities to extend your reach and conversion. Through our analytics capabilities, we provide comprehensive insights that allow you to make decisions based on facts instead of guesswork, leading to consistently better results.


In the present day world where an overflow of big data is seen, uncovering unexpected trends and prospects can be invaluable. Our services are designed to offer insight into your data resources while highlighting any patterns that could lead to business success. Not only do we give you a comprehensive overview of what’s available in terms of facts, but also ensure you stay one step ahead with respect to potential opportunities. G & Co. provides businesses all over the world with detailed analysis of their knowledge base, offering new opportunities to seize upon.

Solution Design

Our specialized data solutions address all of your unique business issues and needs. Our experts in both digital engineering and data engineering ensure that these custom-made systems are crafted with precision, incorporating perfectly into existing structures while delivering vital insights to help your reach its desired objectives. We understand how critical accurate information is. For this, we ensure each tailored solution provides accessible points for specific data to make well-informed decisions, all while enhancing your brand capabilities through G & Co.'s expertise.

Conversion Tracking

Our services for conversion tracking allow you to determine the success of your marketing efforts, which are necessary for promoting growth. We monitor user behavior on your site such as page visits and purchases so that you can discern website performance and campaign efficiency. Using this data we provide, we help make refining strategies and maximizing ROI for brands easier than ever before.

Data Management

Our data management services are designed to help you generate the most reliable insights and decisions by providing a comprehensive approach for ensuring top-quality, consistent data. Our techniques like cleansing, validation and enrichment can guarantee accuracy while streamlining your processes related to these important assets. At G & Co., it is our priority to ensure that all of your valuable data is used in an effective manner.

Data & App Integration

Having efficient data systems and processes in place is essential to outpace the competition. Our services are focused on integrating your various sources of data, enabling you with a unified view for more informed decisions. Our goal is to help increase the value gained from collecting this information, streamlining how your team accesses and uses data will enable maximum efficiency moving forward while keeping you one step ahead of competing brands around you.
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Our Impact as a Data & Analytics Agency & Consulting Firm

G & Co is proud to offer our clients measurable business results in the realm of data and analytics. We are experienced with complex data issues to help companies improve their information quality, employ predictive analytics as well as targeting customer segments for personalized experiences while also assessing risk mitigation strategies. We facilitate efficiency across the organizational board by assessing every avenue that contributes to the customer experience. From the beginning stages of brand awareness to the logistics side impacting shipping times, and the post-purchase customer experience, G & Co. helps businesses identify areas of opportunity and shortfalls to address and make the biggest impacts for measurable success.

Data Quality Enhancement

Data is essential for making informed business decisions and obtaining valuable insights. For this reason, we strive to improve the quality of data obtention and refining by undergoing cleansing, validation, and enrichment. To ensure our customers receive trustworthy information from us that acts as a base for their business intelligence workflows, we've established an intensive QA process that validates the accuracy of the dataset with no omissions or inconsistencies.

Predictive Analytics Implementation

Stay one step ahead with our services to put predictive analytics into practice. We use sophisticated machine learning algorithms to identify potential trends and make proactive decisions that maximize your business prospects. Our solutions provide you with the ability to respond proactively to customers, optimize procedures, and foster progress in terms of growth.

Customer Segmentation and Personalization

Providing customers with individualized experiences based on their unique requirements is key to strengthening loyalty. Our segmentation and personalization strategies help you construct personalized encounters that connect with your target demographic. To increase customer satisfaction and retention, we use data-driven insights to provide tailored messages, promotions and offers to generate a meaningful connection between our clients and the consumer.

Supply Chain Optimization

Our services make it possible for you to capitalize on the benefits of efficient supply chain management and improved customer satisfaction. Using data-driven optimization, we provide actionable insights that can identify areas where your operations are bottlenecked as well as strategies aimed at reducing costs while delivering maximum value. Through analyzing data from within your supply chain, our experts deliver findings that enable effective cost control and improved performance outcomes throughout all stages of delivery.

Risk Assessment & Mitigation

To secure lasting success for your business, it is essential to protect it from potential dangers. Our risk assessment and mitigation services provide an analysis of your data and procedures so that any risks can be detected beforehand, with strategies being implemented in order to lower their consequences. By taking preventative steps against possible problems, G & Co. will ensure the continued development of your enterprise success.

Customer Retention

For long-term success in business, growing and retaining customers is of utmost importance. Our tactics to keep clients focus on understanding customer behaviors, needs and likes to provide a personal touch that encourages loyalty. Data has an essential role for our strategies and enables us to deliver maximum satisfaction for the end user while boosting growth opportunities at once.


"G & Co. is a dynamic, resourceful, and engaging team that can dive in, collaborate across teams, and deliver actionable insights. I would recommend them for any company that requires strategic thinking and leadership."

"Upon reviewing multiple alternatives, our selection fell on G & Co., - a choice that has been absolutely precise from the very start. This collaboration has brought forth immense value and positivity for Nike, making it an exceptionally gratifying endeavor."

"G & Co.'s team exemplifies strategic expertise and fearless innovation. Their commitment to solving complex problems is commendable."

"G & Co. is a blend of passion, collaboration, and unmatched digital expertise, always exceeding our business expectations."

Aaron Bellack
Manager, Marketplace Operations
Saks Fifth Avenue
Alexandra Reed
Director, Digital Marketing EMEA
Akio Tanaka
Senior Director, Digital Transformation
Patricia Miller
Senior Director, Customer Experience
Enterprise Airline

Our Expertise as a Data & Analytics Agency & Consulting Firm

Our expertise as a data and analytics consultancy is vast, allowing us to fulfill any type of data requirement. Our consultants bring industry knowledge along with our capabilities such as machine learning technology, efficient real-time insights delivery across the globe, agile infrastructure solutions for scalability that provide actionable results based on your provided input, all contributing towards successful business ventures. We take great pride in being able to support organizations when it comes to navigating through complex datasets while providing quality outcomes they desire from their investment in analytics services.

Real-Time Insights Delivery

Receiving precise and up-to-date analytics on time is essential for successful decision making. At G & Co., our ability to gather real-time insights in as little as 48 hours has enabled our clients to quickly inform their decision-making unlike any firm. And with our utilization of advanced technologies like AI, ML and analytics, we're able to offer information that only further empowers businesses in their strategic choices towards growth.

Global Reach

No matter your location, G & Co.'s international presence means that we can attend to the needs of any business. With various overseas branches as well as a wide network of associates, we offer comprehensive analytics services for multiple industries worldwide. Taking advantage of data from across the globe provides us with tremendous insight and understanding at the current state. No other firm is capable of creating personalized solutions that improve outcomes in as quick of a time frame as G & Co. can, enabling our clients to accomplish their objectives faster than ever before.

Scalable Infrastructure Solutions

As your business expands, we have the capacity to meet its data needs. Our solutions provide you with cloud-based, onsite and hybrid alternatives for managing large amounts of information along with specialized storage options like data warehouses. With our comprehensive set of big data services combined with scalable infrastructure possibilities, it’s easy to trust that no matter how much is required from our clients in terms of storing or utilizing their databases, our team has it covered.

Agile and Responsive Approach

In this ever-evolving business landscape, being able to quickly shift and adjust is key. Our agile process allows us to easily cater to your changing demands while still providing pertinent solutions that you can use right away. We keep up with big data trends and current tools and knowledge needed for helping your brand find an upper hand against competitors. Our analytics gathered through an extensive curation and obtention system help provide a better understanding when making decisions or setting strategies related to data analysis projects.

Actionable Data

We concentrate on presenting useful, immediately applicable data. Using advanced analytics and machine learning methods, our aim is to uncover undiscovered correlations in your data giving you knowledge for making knowledgeable choices. By transforming intricate facts into actionable insights, we are able to provide direction to a path seizing upon opportunities and addressing existing shortfalls for maximum impact.

Advanced Machine Learning Capabilities

Our machine-learning capabilities open up a world of possibilities for businesses, unlocking the full potential of their data. Our advanced expertise and cutting-edge technologies allow us to uncover hidden patterns and trends that can drive your business forward—giving you an advantage over other brands in today’s data-driven environment. Through sophisticated algorithms, we are able to identify insights overlooked by traditional analytics methods, enabling you to make informed decisions with complete confidence.
53% increase in online campaign-driven conversion rate for Prime membership
102+ million people reached after implementation of user experience design
162% increase in online direct-to-consumer conversion
38% Uplift in brand eCommerce redesign impacting customer retention
Robust strategy delivered to meet $10 billion revenue goal by 2027
Mobile app design created from start to finish in 2-month timeline
23 million impressions generated to bolster customer retention and loyalty
Redesign accomplished in 3 months.
478% increase in campaign reach with new market targeting
100+ delivers & consumers benchmarked across the United States for a 3-month survey
Full-scale, responsive UX/UI design for desktop, mobile, and tablet created in 2 months
1 million downloads of the Toyota app for convenient, vehicle management
1 million downloads of the Toyota app for convenient, vehicle management
Full-scale, responsive UX/UI design for desktop, mobile, and tablet created in 2 months
100+ delivers & consumers benchmarked across the United States for a 3-month survey
478% increase in campaign reach with new market targeting
Redesign accomplished in 3 months.
23 million impressions generated to bolster customer retention and loyalty
Mobile app design created from start to finish in 2-month timeline
Robust strategy delivered to meet $10 billion revenue goal by 2027
38% Uplift in brand eCommerce redesign impacting customer retention
162% increase in online direct-to-consumer conversion
102+ million people reached after implementation of user experience design
53% increase in online campaign-driven conversion rate for Prime membership


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How does G & Co.'s specialized focus on data & analytics help address our organization's complex data challenges?

We possess an unparalleled focus on data & analytics that sets us apart from other consulting firms. We make an emphasis on providing clients with targeted solutions for their complicated data issues. With industry know-how and sophisticated analytical methods, G & Co. is capable of forming strategies tailored to individual needs in order to obtain significant results. Our approach is broad so as to ensure valuable insights with practical tools which aid customers overcome difficulties related to the use of information while narrow enough to yield precise analytics into consumer demographics, brand health and sentiment.

What methodologies and technologies does G & Co. use to provide real-time insights and data-driven decision-making?

Our team combines a number of leading technologies, including predictive analytics, machine learning, natural language processing and AI to drive insights in real-time. What truly sets G & Co. apart, however, is our proprietary data benchmarking platform, which allows our clients to understand how they stand relative to competitive peers, and identify their brand health and analyze what shortfalls to address and where opportunities lie ahead to take advantage of. We do this through a network of more than 9,000 diverse consumers across the U.S. and more than 60,000 globally to bring brands with the insights they need to build a competitive edge. Our obtention of data begins with the understanding of what contributing factors impact both acquisition and retention efforts, and what specifically brands must do to address their pitfalls for greater customer attraction.

How can G & Co.'s data & analytics expertise help us stay ahead of the competition and identify untapped opportunities?

Our company’s proficiency in data analytics can assist you to remain at the top of your competitors by presenting knowledge about customer actions, market movements, and sector growth. By using our enhanced analysis capacities, we are capable of discovering unseen patterns and trends from your information, allowing you to make precise decisions with real-time movements and consumer reactions.

How does G & Co. ensure data quality enhancement and reliable insights?

We provide excellent data engineering and governance services to our clients so that they can make informed decisions based on reliable insights. Our process of ensuring quality in the data consists of advanced cleansing, validation, and enrichment methods to guarantee accuracy, completeness and consistency. As conductors of primary research data, G & Co. also employs the most rigorous of methods in assuring reliable information to better inform brand strategy and initiatives.

How can G & Co.'s actionable data approach drive informed decisions and tangible business outcomes?

We concentrate on providing analytics-based insights that will effectively be used in your business to make decisions resulting in progress and prosperity. Our data-driven approach has been designed for this purpose, so you can gain an advantage from it by creating actionable strategies which bring about an array of beneficial outcomes specific to your brand initiatives. To do this, we employ sophisticated methods of analysis such as advanced analytics combined with machine learning techniques. Together, these uncover hidden details within the data helping you identify fresh potentials where desired objectives can be attained.

How does G & Co.'s specialized focus on data & analytics help address our organization's complex data challenges?

Our expertise in the industry coupled with our focus on data & analytics and advanced techniques of analysis enables us to create solutions targeted at addressing even your most complex challenges related to data. In order to satisfy individual requirements, we work towards creating specific strategies based around insights collected from the provided information, only after diagnosing your specific circumstances that inform what the most impactful route will be to achieving your brand objectives.

Global Leadership

We’re 100+ individuals from across the world driven by innovation and diverse perspectives. We craft your brands innovations for the world of tomorrow.
Adrian Garnica
As the President of G & Co., Adrian is a visionary leader responsible for driving growth, managing teams, and fostering client relationships. With a proven track record at McKinsey and R/GA, Adrian has successfully developed and executed strategic visions, led consultant teams, secured major clients such as Nike, Google, and Louis Vuitton, and ensured top-quality project delivery. Adrian's expertise lies in scaling, operations, and client-agency collaboration.
Kevin Sonof
VP, Strategy
Kevin serves G & Co. as VP of Strategy, bringing an accomplished strategist perspective for driving growth, delivering high-quality consulting projects, and cultivating client relationships. With expertise in market research, cross-functional collaboration, and staying abreast of industry trends, Kevin has successfully worked with renowned brands such as AT&T, Verizon, Google, Facebook, and Coca-Cola.
Jimena Robles
Head of Marketing & Experience
As the Head of Marketing & Experience at G & Co. Jimena employs her skill of spearheading enterprise creative strategies and roadmaps. She previously oversaw client engagements at Edelman and Essence.
Juan Manuel Gonzalez
Chief Executive Officer
As the CEO of G & Co., Juan is a visionary leader driving the company's strategic direction and growth. With expertise in executive leadership, business development, and relationship management, Juan has successfully developed and executed business plans, expanded the firm's market presence, and worked with renowned brands such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Levi’s, and Coca-Cola while taking the company to a worldwide presence and expanding to more than fifty employees. He has been recognized by the CFDA, ANA, Wall Street Journal, and Inc.
Estella Mahone
Chief Financial Officer
Estella is a seasoned financial leader responsible for developing strategies, ensuring compliance, and optimizing financial stability. With expertise in financial planning, analysis, and risk management, Estella collaborates cross-functionally to drive strategic decision-making and enabling client missions.
Francisco Chung
VP, Digital
Francisco is a dynamic leader driving business growth through digital innovation. With a proven track record of developing and executing digital strategies, Francisco leads teams, identifies opportunities, and delivers tailored solutions for clients. With a rich background working with brands like Apple, Sony, and General Electric, he brings extensive expertise in driving growth, optimizing operations, and fostering strong collaboration with clients. His achievements have been recognized during his tenure as Creative Technical Director at Isobar, frog, and Material.
Jeff MacBride
VP, Project Management
Jeff excels in developing and implementing effective project management strategies. With a strong track record in leading teams and collaborating cross-functionally, Jeff ensures successful project delivery, client satisfaction, and continuous improvement. Having served renowned clients and brands, Jeff's expertise in scaling operations and fostering a collaborative culture is backed by achievements at Lockheed Martin and as an adjunct professor in project management.
Shaelyn Ventrano
Senior Project Coordinator
As our Senior Project Coordinator, Shaelyn's expertise lies in coordinating project activities and ensuring seamless execution. With a background as a Cryptologic Linguist and Division Lead in the US Navy, Shaelyn brings exceptional organizational and communication skills to the team to help monitor project progress, facilitate collaboration, and maintain meticulous documentation. Clients value Shaelyn's proactive approach, timely updates, and attentive service. Her dedication to process improvement and sharing best practices showcases her commitment to excellence in project management.
Jacob Wright
VP, Growth
Jacob helps G & Co. in his capacity to drive market expansion and revenue growth through strategic initiatives. With a strong business development track record in working with renowned brands like Nespresso, MGM Resorts, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, and Unilever, Jacob develops comprehensive growth plans, leveraging industry best practices, analyzing key performance indicators to identifiy areas for improvement and fosters a culture of collaboration and achievement. Prior experience at leading agencies includes roles as an Account Manager, Strategist, and Director of Strategy.
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