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Saks Fifth Avenue

G & Co.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Brand Benchmarking • Competitive Analysis • Consumer Sentiment Analysis • Customer Journey Audit • Revenue Strategy Consulting • Sales Growth Planning • Strategy Prioritization
Saks Fifth Avenue
When the historic luxury retailer brand reached out to G & Co. for help in augmenting their shopping and post-purchase experience, we set out to create a strategic look at its competitive set and how we could build an edge for Saks. What ensued was a holistic blueprint of how the brand should benchmark itself against competing peers, and a future proofing vision for how Saks should prepare for an increasingly digitally savvy and demanding consumer base.

Substantiating Strategy with Consumer-Driven Data

Saks came to us at a point in which it sought to gain a clear perception of where it stood among its peers. To helpinform their customer experience strategy moving forward, we took to determine its customer base to create a shoppernetwork based on income levels, geography, and frequent purchase habits. Our search scoured through thousands ofparticipants to find the most applicable shopping network, aligned with Saks’ target audience.With the help of a cross-country network of participants, we assembled an end-to-end customer journey survey toidentify business-critical faults and outstanding initiatives and offerings among Saks’ competition to inform ourstrategies based on the practices of the best-performing brands in the space. Through our comparative marketresearchfindings, we discovered key areas of improvement for both Saks and the broader market, signalingopportunities for us to compound our impact and contribute to Saks becoming one of the top-performing retailersin the luxury industry.

Empowering Consumer Experience Through Our Findings

We weighed ten different luxury retail brands in addition to Saks to paint a holistic picture of how the customerexperience differed, and what consumer sentiment was for post-purchase. We culminated our research with areport advising best practices for Saks to follow, based on product and service delivery offerings and ease ofprogression through the customer journey people wished to see from high-end retailers.In addition to our holistic shopping experience surveyfindings, we have provided an actionable roadmap for Saks to implement as it looks to cut down shipping times to maximize customer satisfaction, andultimately increase its customer retention.

Data-Driven Insight, Delivered

Our exhaustive and holistic consumer experience engagement culminated in compiling and delivering a comprehensive report detailing exactly what we advised Saks should execute to gain a competitive edge over its peers and increase its most sought after performance indicator: customer acquisition and retention.

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