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Media & Creative Strategy Agency & Consulting Firm

In the fast-paced world we live in today, brands must stay ahead by utilizing innovative solutions that can help promote their brand effectively. With G & Co.’s comprehensive expertise in the media and creative strategy landscape, we’ve helped enterprise brands identify how to define their marketing efforts for optimal conversion and brand affinity building.

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G & Co. has over 7+ years of experience working with Adobe Experience Cloud, helping clients to implement, integrate and optimize the platform to drive business results.
G & Co. has a team of more than 25 employees who are certified experts across the Adobe platform.
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Media & Creative Strategy Agency & Consulting Firm Services

In a competitive market, G & Co. provides a seasoned team of experts to help our clients navigate the industry with ease and assurance in creating an outsized impact. With our wide array of services catered to helping brands thrive in the ever-evolving industry, G & Co. can maximize ROI with an effective approach that harnesses data and utilizes creative strategies attuned to a brand’s target audience preferences. When combined efficiently with a thorough understanding of community management, marketing & advertising techniques, our efforts serve every company optimally in order to reach business objectives faster than before.

Media Planning

Media planning is an essential component of marketing in today’s world. With G & Co., it is our mission to help maximize the impact and reach of your campaigns by selecting cost-effective media outlets that effectively reach intended audiences. With comprehensive research on your target audience, selection of relevant media channels, and a plan for conveying information at the most opportune moments, G & Co. can help your brand ensure we use every resource in an optimal fashion while guaranteeing your message gets seen by targeted viewers.

Creative Ideation

As a media & creative strategy agency and consulting firm, G & Co. specializes in utilizing industry expertise and insights to generate innovative marketing campaigns for any business model. Our team of experts works diligently on crafting ideas that bring out your brand’s unique identity, engage the audience and differentiate it from its competition through creative brainstorming, sketching, and prototyping. We’re here to help you create an impressionable mark with your customers with story-driven brand awareness.


After finalizing the media strategy and creative themes, it’s time for activation. With G & Co.’s team of campaign strategists and activation staff, we help your brand cultivate a strong promotional process during enactment, ensuring a smooth flow without any hiccups. Successful implementation not only strengthens recognition but also develops customer interactions, leading to increased conversions.

Media Buying

Advertising space and time across various media channels are necessary for any successful marketing campaign. At G & Co., we’ve helped clients understand the different elements of this landscape as well as keep up with new trends and technologies. This approach has enabled our team to acquire favorable placements at competitive rates across a multitude of platforms, optimizing our clients’ advertising budgets for outsized impact.

Consumer Profiling

Understanding your target audience is essential to creating effective marketing campaigns. With G & Co. at your side, we help our clients gain insights into consumer preferences, habits, and potential cues to better understand how to acquire and retain their customers. Our approach in profiling has paved the way towards detailed customer segmentation and personalized marketing initiatives, ensuring we are speaking to those prospects who are the likeliest to be your customers from day one.

Database Marketing

With personalization efforts as the gold standard for consumers globally, database marketing has become a quintessential resource in business operations and success. G & Co. helps not just compile details on your customers but build customer journeys that speak to as many consumers in the most relevant fashion possible. From contact information to purchase history, we’ve helped our clients buld customized campaigns that effectively engage their audience and acquire new customers with tailored messaging.

Content Strategy

In the age of digital transformation, it’s no secret content holds immense importance. With our creative team at G & Co., we can craft a successful marketing approach through relevant and consistent material that intrigues consumers in line with your brand’s tone and social media plan. We take pride in understanding your brand values and combining them with our ability to gauge the consumer landscape and understand what speaks to your customers like nothing else.

Community Management

Any brand in today’s connected world understands how much success is dependent upon constructing and upholding a lively, interested online community. By working in tandem with customers, G & Co. is able to form strategies that create an effective digital presence and ensure the recognition of your brand remains strong among your audience. At its core, our successful community management helps stimulate involvement from consumers, leading to improved conversions plus sustained faithfulness towards the organization itself.
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Our Impact as a Media & Creative Strategy Agency & Consulting Firm

G & Co.’s consistent monitoring of industry trends and insights has enabled us to help our clients across a variety of industries to capitalize on new opportunities. Through data-driven market insights and innovative strategies, we empower clients to refine their brand identity, engage with their target audience authentically, and navigate ever-evolving media landscapes. Our creative direction and tailored solutions drive brand differentiation and enhance customer loyalty. With G & Co.'s expert guidance, clients gain a competitive edge, establishing their market prominence and achieving unparalleled success in their industries.

Strategic Audience Targeting

Selecting a targeted consumer segmentation is a key component of achieving effectiveness with your brand marketing efforts. At G & Co., our team utilizes data on consumer interests, demographics, and past buying habits to craft campaigns designed specifically for the most compatible audience segmentation. By fine-tuning messages to reach an individualized market segment, we’ve helped our clients achieve greter returns from their advertising initiative investments, ensuring our strategic targeting to be an essential part of every one of our marketing strategies.

Multi-Channel Integration

In today's interconnected and ever-changing world, businesses must develop a comprehensive marketing plan that spans different media channels to deliver an optimal customer experience. G & Co. specializes in multi-channel integration, utilizing avenues such as email, social networks, printed materials, TV ads, display panels, and smartphones that can seamlessly integrate into your marketing efforts. G & Co. ensures customers receive consistent brand messages no matter the channel.

Creative Content Optimization

Personalized content is key to producing the most effective marketing campaigns. Our team excels at optimizing creative content, working with internal teams to refine assets and collateral with an emphasis on amplifying engagement and maximizing conversions. This approach has enabled our clients to stand out in a saturated market and captivate audience attention for outsized impact in our combined promotional efforts.

Media Budget Optimization

Maximizing return on investment (ROI) in advertising is crucial for any company. With G & Co. at your side, we help implement media budget optimization techniques to evaluate data on target audience preferences and identify positive patterns from successful campaigns. From identifying best performing channels to key audience segments, we identify routes that intelligently allocate resources around repeatable processes, we help brands gain the greatest return on their investment in their advertising expenditures.

Performance Measurement and Analytics

Gathering insights and evaluating data is necessary for businesses to track the success and performance of their marketing strategies. G & Co. uses leading metrics and performance analytics tools to monitor client campaign progress and inform strategic decision-making. By looking at contributing factors such as engagement, conversion, and satisfaction, we help brands tailor their advertising efforts for greater effectiveness in achieving better overall outcomes for sustainable growth.

Competitive Landscape Analysis

A competitive landscape demands the most from brands from both consumers and competitors pushing innovative practices. With G & Co.’s landscape analysis, we help our clients take an objective look at the market and assess their competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, analyzing the overall competitive environment, and identify areas of opportunity for expansion or redress in shortfalls. Our expertise helps enable brands to access invaluable insights into the most effective tactics to strive toward achieving growth plans no matter the complexity of the landscape.


"G & Co. is a dynamic, resourceful, and engaging team that can dive in, collaborate across teams, and deliver actionable insights. I would recommend them for any company that requires strategic thinking and leadership."

"Upon reviewing multiple alternatives, our selection fell on G & Co., - a choice that has been absolutely precise from the very start. This collaboration has brought forth immense value and positivity for Nike, making it an exceptionally gratifying endeavor."

"G & Co.'s team exemplifies strategic expertise and fearless innovation. Their commitment to solving complex problems is commendable."

"G & Co. is a blend of passion, collaboration, and unmatched digital expertise, always exceeding our business expectations."

Aaron Bellack
Manager, Marketplace Operations
Saks Fifth Avenue
Alexandra Reed
Director, Digital Marketing EMEA
Akio Tanaka
Senior Director, Digital Transformation
Patricia Miller
Senior Director, Customer Experience
Enterprise Airline

Our Expertise as a Media & Creative Strategy Agency & Consulting Firm

G & Co. wields a team of creative professionals and strategists with a data-driven approach ready to tackle on complex market dynamics. Our depth of expertise has empowered our ability to service brands in a multitude of industries to uncover a path to building greater brand affinity. Through meticulous research and tailored solutions, our team has driven impactful brand transformations whose campaigns better resonate with audiences and yield measurable impact. As a trusted partner, G & Co. can enable your brand with the insights and strategic approach necessary to navigate an increasingly shifting consumer landscape, ensuring lasting and sustainable success at every turn.

Integrated Capabilities

G & Co. specializes in creating unified and holistic marketing strategies, utilizing data-driven insights to guide our decision-making. This comprehensive approach allows for more efficient resource utilization and the ability to customize tactics according to our clients’ customer needs. With an integrated set of capabilities across disciplines of advertising and marketing, our team is able to provide seamless solutions that maximize brand potential.

Global Reach

In this interlinked world, businesses that wish to thrive and advance need a universal presence. As a global agency and consulting firm, G & Co. can not only service clients across borders but comprehend the demands of customers from every corner of the world. Our ability to explore new markets and grow customer bases through efficient campaigns tailored to regional and global markets are what sets us apart from the rest of media and creative strategy firms.

Collaborative Partnerships

At G & Co., we thrive off the nature of collaborative partnerships. It is our belief that the best ideas are borne out of a communal relationship where we provide our comprehensive understanding of the landscape and your brand’s strengths and characteristics. With the combination of industry insights and marketing strategies, we help our clients drive solutions towards achieving measurable. We establish close working relationships to better understand our clients’ goals, enabling the development of personalized approaches that differentiate them in a competitive market.

Innovation & Technology

Staying ahead of market trends and remaining flexible to changing conditions is essential for business success. At G & Co., we utilize the latest technology available to analyze customer data in the most accurate manner possible, allowing us to develop finely tuned campaigns. Our use of predictive analytics furthers our capacity to brands by better predicting customer needs, ensuring we can make timely adjustments at a moment’s notice. With G & Co., your brand can build competitive edges, providing greater satisfaction for your customers and achieve sustainable growth.

Cross-Channel Expertise

There can be no room for incongruous customer experiences in your media channels in a successful marketing campaign. At G & Co., we understand the critical nature of managing campaigns on various outlets ranging from digital platforms through physical interactions and traditional channels such as print and broadcast. By maintaining consistent brand communication through each platform, G & Co. enhances your brand’s customer acquisition and elevates marketing strategies beyond expectations.

Brand Strategy Integration

G & Co. plays an essential role in ensuring that companies' media and creative strategies align with their overall brand vision. Such integration enables businesses to effectively create a unified, recognizable brand identity, with consistent messaging, visuals, and customer experience across all marketing activities managed through different channels, such as social media or television campaigns. Proper integration strengthens market position and facilitates customer identification, ultimately bolstering sales figures and achieving branding objectives.
53% increase in online campaign-driven conversion rate for Prime membership
102+ million people reached after implementation of user experience design
162% increase in online direct-to-consumer conversion
38% Uplift in brand eCommerce redesign impacting customer retention
Robust strategy delivered to meet $10 billion revenue goal by 2027
Mobile app design created from start to finish in 2-month timeline
23 million impressions generated to bolster customer retention and loyalty
Redesign accomplished in 3 months.
478% increase in campaign reach with new market targeting
100+ delivers & consumers benchmarked across the United States for a 3-month survey
Full-scale, responsive UX/UI design for desktop, mobile, and tablet created in 2 months
1 million downloads of the Toyota app for convenient, vehicle management
1 million downloads of the Toyota app for convenient, vehicle management
Full-scale, responsive UX/UI design for desktop, mobile, and tablet created in 2 months
100+ delivers & consumers benchmarked across the United States for a 3-month survey
478% increase in campaign reach with new market targeting
Redesign accomplished in 3 months.
23 million impressions generated to bolster customer retention and loyalty
Mobile app design created from start to finish in 2-month timeline
Robust strategy delivered to meet $10 billion revenue goal by 2027
38% Uplift in brand eCommerce redesign impacting customer retention
162% increase in online direct-to-consumer conversion
102+ million people reached after implementation of user experience design
53% increase in online campaign-driven conversion rate for Prime membership


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How does G & Co.'s specialization in media & creative strategy uniquely benefit our marketing objectives?

G & Co. focuses on media and creative strategy, offering custom-crafted strategies to best suit your marketing goals. With our extensive industry knowledge and expertise, we can ensure maximum impact while providing reliable results with a high return of investment.

To keep up with the ever changing market conditions and take advantage of new possibilities in this field, we make use of state-of-the-art technology combined with staying ahead in terms of trends to provide insights that reach your target audience effectively.

Can you elaborate on G & Co.'s data-driven approach to media planning and creative content optimization?

G & Co.’s process for media organizing and creative content enhancement is based on data, which involves:

  • Utilizing research findings and customer knowledge to make decisions.
  • Incorporating information about the demographic traits, habits, as well as inclinations of your viewers.
  • Developing campaigns aimed towards connecting with your target group.

This data centered approach offers several advantages, not the least of which are ensuring more fruitful marketing strategies resulting in an enhanced return on investment (ROI), maximizing impact & engagement by optimising inventive material, and guaranteeing your promotional efforts stand out from competitors while capturing the attention of a viewer base.

How does G & Co. leverage innovation and technology to impact our media & creative strategies positively?

At G & Co. we use the most recent technologies and advancements to develop better media and creative approaches. By utilizing AI technology and machine learning methods, we are able to analyze customer info in order for us to create more precise campaigns. Through predictive analytics techniques, we are able to anticipate customers’ needs, allowing us to adjust strategies if necessary. Harnessing innovation is essential to our process in ensuring that your marketing efforts remain up-to-date while enhancing client satisfaction to help support overall growth.

How does G & Co.'s cross-channel expertise optimize marketing efforts and boost customer acquisition?

G & Co.’s extensive experience with multi-channel marketing seeks to deliver a smooth and consistent customer journey regardless of platform. By harmonizing our strategies across multiple channels such as email, social media, print ads, mobile platforms or TV commercials, we can create compelling content tailored for different audiences that connect customers with the brand on all fronts.

This approach not only helps ensure a coherent identity message but also makes it easier to attract new clients while strengthening relationships among existing ones through targeted advertising campaigns.

This strategy is designed specifically around boosting opportunities in terms of acquisition and retention thanks to its focus on creating an individualized connection between business and consumer via relevant messaging solutions.

How does G & Co. integrate media & creative strategy with our broader brand vision?

We will make sure to maintain a unified and strong brand identity across all platforms, blending media & creative approaches with your desired branding concept. Our team produces content tailored to the communication style of your brand along with an effective social media technique that resonates efficiently amongst consumers.

This integration allows us to guarantee sustainability in regards to brand messaging no matter what medium it is presented on.

What performance metrics does G & Co. use to assess success and inform decision-making?

At G & Co., we understand the importance of data-driven decision-making. We leverage a comprehensive set of performance metrics, including click-through rates, conversion rates, engagement levels, and more, to rigorously evaluate the effectiveness of our media & creative strategies. This empirical approach enables us to draw actionable insights, identify successful tactics, and optimize campaigns in real-time, empowering your company to allocate resources wisely and maximize ROI. Our focus on performance measurement and analytics ensures that each marketing effort is purposeful, efficient, and tailored to achieve your specific business objectives.

How does G & Co. approach consumer profiling to improve targeting and personalized marketing?

G & Co.'s creative content optimization is a meticulous process that centers on elevating your brand's messaging to its highest potential. We craft captivating content that aligns with your target audience's preferences, values, and aspirations, fostering an emotional connection that drives brand loyalty and advocacy. By delivering messages that resonate deeply, we cultivate lasting relationships with your customers, turning them into enthusiastic brand advocates who champion your products and services to others. This organic word-of-mouth marketing amplifies your brand's reach and enhances your reputation as a brand that genuinely understands and caters to its audience.

Global Leadership

We’re 100+ individuals from across the world driven by innovation and diverse perspectives. We craft your brands innovations for the world of tomorrow.
Adrian Garnica
As the President of G & Co., Adrian is a visionary leader responsible for driving growth, managing teams, and fostering client relationships. With a proven track record at McKinsey and R/GA, Adrian has successfully developed and executed strategic visions, led consultant teams, secured major clients such as Nike, Google, and Louis Vuitton, and ensured top-quality project delivery. Adrian's expertise lies in scaling, operations, and client-agency collaboration.
Kevin Sonof
VP, Strategy
Kevin serves G & Co. as VP of Strategy, bringing an accomplished strategist perspective for driving growth, delivering high-quality consulting projects, and cultivating client relationships. With expertise in market research, cross-functional collaboration, and staying abreast of industry trends, Kevin has successfully worked with renowned brands such as AT&T, Verizon, Google, Facebook, and Coca-Cola.
Jimena Robles
Head of Marketing & Experience
As the Head of Marketing & Experience at G & Co. Jimena employs her skill of spearheading enterprise creative strategies and roadmaps. She previously oversaw client engagements at Edelman and Essence.
Juan Manuel Gonzalez
Chief Executive Officer
As the CEO of G & Co., Juan is a visionary leader driving the company's strategic direction and growth. With expertise in executive leadership, business development, and relationship management, Juan has successfully developed and executed business plans, expanded the firm's market presence, and worked with renowned brands such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Levi’s, and Coca-Cola while taking the company to a worldwide presence and expanding to more than fifty employees. He has been recognized by the CFDA, ANA, Wall Street Journal, and Inc.
Estella Mahone
Chief Financial Officer
Estella is a seasoned financial leader responsible for developing strategies, ensuring compliance, and optimizing financial stability. With expertise in financial planning, analysis, and risk management, Estella collaborates cross-functionally to drive strategic decision-making and enabling client missions.
Francisco Chung
VP, Digital
Francisco is a dynamic leader driving business growth through digital innovation. With a proven track record of developing and executing digital strategies, Francisco leads teams, identifies opportunities, and delivers tailored solutions for clients. With a rich background working with brands like Apple, Sony, and General Electric, he brings extensive expertise in driving growth, optimizing operations, and fostering strong collaboration with clients. His achievements have been recognized during his tenure as Creative Technical Director at Isobar, frog, and Material.
Jeff MacBride
VP, Project Management
Jeff excels in developing and implementing effective project management strategies. With a strong track record in leading teams and collaborating cross-functionally, Jeff ensures successful project delivery, client satisfaction, and continuous improvement. Having served renowned clients and brands, Jeff's expertise in scaling operations and fostering a collaborative culture is backed by achievements at Lockheed Martin and as an adjunct professor in project management.
Shaelyn Ventrano
Senior Project Coordinator
As our Senior Project Coordinator, Shaelyn's expertise lies in coordinating project activities and ensuring seamless execution. With a background as a Cryptologic Linguist and Division Lead in the US Navy, Shaelyn brings exceptional organizational and communication skills to the team to help monitor project progress, facilitate collaboration, and maintain meticulous documentation. Clients value Shaelyn's proactive approach, timely updates, and attentive service. Her dedication to process improvement and sharing best practices showcases her commitment to excellence in project management.
Jacob Wright
VP, Growth
Jacob helps G & Co. in his capacity to drive market expansion and revenue growth through strategic initiatives. With a strong business development track record in working with renowned brands like Nespresso, MGM Resorts, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, and Unilever, Jacob develops comprehensive growth plans, leveraging industry best practices, analyzing key performance indicators to identifiy areas for improvement and fosters a culture of collaboration and achievement. Prior experience at leading agencies includes roles as an Account Manager, Strategist, and Director of Strategy.
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