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Levi Strauss & Co.

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Levi Strauss & Co.

Brand Benchmarking • Competitive Analysis • Consumer Sentiment Analysis • Customer Journey Audit • Revenue Strategy Consulting • Sales Growth Planning • Strategy Prioritization
Levi Strauss & Co.
G & Co. engaged in a significant partnership with Levi’s, the renowned denim retailer, as a key part of Levi’s ambitious objective to achieve a sales target of $10 billion by 2027. This collaboration involved strategic planning and innovative marketing initiatives, aimed at expanding Levi's global market presence and enhancing its brand appeal to a diverse range of consumers, thereby contributing substantially to the company's growth trajectory and market competitiveness.

Seeking clarity and prioritization, they turned to G & Co. to uncover their position relative to competitors and determine the critical steps for maximizing growth. To begin, we delved into the competitive landscape and key performance indicators to assess Levi's standing and identify areas of outsized impact.

Competition Mapping for Clarity

Through benchmarking against industry standards and analyzing consumer sentiment, we gained insights into brand health. This enabled us to pinpoint three key initiatives for significant improvements in customer acquisition and retention.

When the most prevalent name in denim announced its ambitious goal to reach $10 billion in sales by 2027, it came to us with a number of different initiatives it hoped to achieve to help them obtain its goal. But with several paths to choose from, the denim brand hoped to obtain clarity and prioritize its actions to make the biggest impact across its strategy. With G & Co.’s help, we enabled Levi’s to uncover how it stood in contrast with its peer set, and what critical steps it needed to take to yield the most effective path in its route to double revenue in five years.

Before we recommended any action toward initiative, we first wanted understood what the competitive landscape and key performance indicators told us about where Levi’s stood and what could make the most outsized impact. To quantify our report findings for the denim brand, benchmarked Levi’s against competitive peers fared when compared to industry standards, and what the consumer sentiment said about adaptive technologies and future demands. Through our benchmarking of Levi’s competitive peer set and auditing of Levi’s user and customer journeys, we unveiled a clear look at its brand health and identified three key and immediate initiatives to make the most drastic impact on its customer acquisition and retention.

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