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Oracle Partner & Agency

G & Co. stands as a leading Oracle partner and agency, renowned for our unparalleled expertise and impeccable track record. We specialize in pioneering solutions that bridge technology and strategy, consistently delivering transformative results for clients on a global scale. Discover the potential for elevating your enterprise through our formidable Oracle partnership.

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G & Co. has over 7+ years of experience working with Adobe Experience Cloud, helping clients to implement, integrate and optimize the platform to drive business results.
G & Co. has a team of more than 25 employees who are certified experts across the Adobe platform.
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Oracle Partner & Agency Services

G & Co. takes pride in being a foremost Oracle partner and agency, primed to drive client success to new heights. Our deep Oracle expertise enables us to craft bespoke solutions that seamlessly integrate, optimize operations, and fuel strategic decision-making. With an unmatched track record, we adeptly navigate complexities, unlock value, and propel business performance to unprecedented levels.

Strategy and Business Model Transformation

At G & Co., we are at the forefront of driving business evolution, reimagining strategies and models to achieve sustained growth. Our transformative approach seamlessly aligns vision with execution, empowering clients to transcend industry norms and craft new narratives of success.

Artificial Intelligence

G & Co. leads the charge in AI transformation, seamlessly blending cutting-edge algorithms with strategic acumen. Our bespoke AI solutions empower precise decision-making, amplifying efficiency and market agility for our clients, propelling them as trailblazers in their respective industries.

Cloud Computing

Unlocking the potential of the cloud, G & Co. orchestrates seamless transitions. Our strategies expertly harmonize legacy systems with the capabilities of the cloud, enabling businesses to scale effortlessly while optimizing costs. This marks the dawn of a new era in operational excellence.

CX & Digital Commerce

G & Co. is the architect of immersive digital journeys, reshaping the landscape of customer experience. We seamlessly integrate data-driven insights into CX strategies, forging enduring connections that elevate loyalty, drive sales, and amplify brand resonance within the digital realm.


Navigating the complexities of the cyber landscape, G & Co. stands as a vigilant digital sentinel. We bolster our clients' digital defenses, seamlessly blending proactive security measures with strategic risk management. This holistic approach ensures the safeguarding of data assets and the protection of reputations alike.

Data World

G & Co. is the maestro of the data mosaic, transforming raw information into actionable insights. With our profound expertise, clients unlock the potential of data, steering strategic decisions that propel performance and innovation to new heights.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

G & Co. adeptly maneuvers through the intricate terrain of governance, risk, and compliance. Our strategies seamlessly integrate technology with meticulous oversight, empowering clients to maintain resilience in the face of evolving regulatory landscapes. Simultaneously, we unveil untapped potential for growth and innovation.

Hybrid Work

G & Co. is at the forefront of redefining work dynamics, expertly crafting hybrid models that seamlessly blend innovation with operational continuity. Our strategic hybrid work solutions empower clients to navigate the ever-evolving workplace landscape with agility and harmonious adaptability.
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Learn how Psycho Bunny reimagined their design for an optimized shopping experience.
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Our Impact as an Oracle Partner & Agency

At G & Co., we take pride in our role as a distinguished Oracle partner and agency. We empower our clients to confront pivotal challenges head-on with unwavering confidence. Through meticulous analysis and strategic acumen, we streamline Oracle implementations, enrich data-driven insights, and fortify digital infrastructures. Our proven methodologies are designed not only to resolve complexities but also to ignite innovation, catalyzing our clients' competitive edge in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Streamlining Oracle Implementations

G & Co. excels in orchestrating the rapid integration of Oracle solutions, seamlessly harmonizing intricate systems. Our approach melds technical finesse with strategic insight, expediting deployments and significantly reducing downtime and costs. We take a pragmatic approach to optimize processes, ensuring our clients quickly unlock the transformative potential of Oracle, positioning them as frontrunners in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Data Governance and Utilization

In the midst of the data deluge, G & Co. stands as a beacon, empowering clients with impeccable data governance. We meticulously sculpt strategies for capturing, securing, and deriving actionable insights from data. Through our meticulous curation processes, we drive confident decision-making. Leveraging Oracle's unparalleled prowess, we expertly transform data into a strategic asset, fortifying our clients' market agility and informed strategies.

Legacy System Modernization

At G & Co., we are at the forefront of pioneering seamless transitions from outdated systems to Oracle's cutting-edge platforms. Our systematic overhaul approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also significantly reduces risk. With an acute eye for detail, we excel in preserving critical functionalities while seamlessly introducing modern capabilities. Through this metamorphosis, our clients unlock new efficiencies, propelling growth while preserving the proven foundations that have served them well.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Unlocking the power of data, G & Co. excels in engineering Oracle-backed analytics ecosystems. Our expertise facilitates actionable insights from raw information, propelling strategic choices. With Oracle's advanced tools at our disposal, we expertly sculpt dynamic visualizations and predictive models. Our transformative approach ensures that data becomes a compass for our clients, guiding them toward sharper decisions and uncharted opportunities in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Security and Compliance

At G & Co., we are dedicated to fortifying our clients' data sanctuaries with Oracle's robust security suite. Through our meticulous approach, we construct resilient shields against threats while ensuring unwavering regulatory compliance. By seamlessly merging technology and strategy, we embed a culture of vigilance within organizations. Our comprehensive, end-to-end protection strategies empower our clients to not only survive but thrive in a digital era rife with challenges, ultimately securing their competitive edge in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Innovation and Roadmapping

At G & Co., our mission is to envision tomorrow's success alongside our clients today, meticulously mapping innovation journeys powered by Oracle. Through our unique approach, we align technology roadmaps seamlessly with our clients' ambitious business aspirations, catalyzing both growth and future resilience. By harnessing the full spectrum of Oracle's capabilities, we inspire transformative ideas and steer our clients toward uncharted territories, thereby shaping their narratives of evolution and success in an ever-evolving business landscape.


"G & Co. is a dynamic, resourceful, and engaging team that can dive in, collaborate across teams, and deliver actionable insights. I would recommend them for any company that requires strategic thinking and leadership."

"Upon reviewing multiple alternatives, our selection fell on G & Co., - a choice that has been absolutely precise from the very start. This collaboration has brought forth immense value and positivity for Nike, making it an exceptionally gratifying endeavor."

"G & Co.'s team exemplifies strategic expertise and fearless innovation. Their commitment to solving complex problems is commendable."

"G & Co. is a blend of passion, collaboration, and unmatched digital expertise, always exceeding our business expectations."

Aaron Bellack
Manager, Marketplace Operations
Saks Fifth Avenue
Alexandra Reed
Director, Digital Marketing EMEA
Akio Tanaka
Senior Director, Digital Transformation
Patricia Miller
Senior Director, Customer Experience
Enterprise Airline

Our Expertise as an Oracle Partner & Agency

At G & Co., our unparalleled expertise within the Oracle industry serves as the cornerstone of our consultancy prowess. Our seasoned professionals possess an intricate understanding of Oracle's vast ecosystem, spanning applications to infrastructure. It's this profound mastery that equips us to decode even the most intricate complexities, sculpting tailored solutions, and offering insights that resonate deeply with our clients. The seamless fusion of our Oracle acumen and strategic insight empowers us to navigate the sector's multifaceted nuances, consistently delivering unparalleled value to our valued partners.

Client-Centric Collaboration

At G & Co., our foundation rests upon empathetic partnerships, where Oracle solutions are seamlessly aligned with our clients' unique visions. Collaboration isn't just a practice; it's our ethos. We view our clients as true partners, collectively shaping solutions that not only meet but embody their distinct visions. Our deeply empathetic approach serves as the bedrock for cultivating enduring relationships, firmly rooted in trust and the shared journey towards success.

End-to-End Solutions

At G & Co., our expertise shines in orchestrating comprehensive Oracle journeys. From inception to execution, our offerings encompass the entire spectrum of solutions, spanning strategy, implementation, and optimization. This holistic approach guarantees that our clients derive maximum value at each pivotal stage of their Oracle journey.

Agile Problem Solving

Within the ever-evolving landscape, G & Co. thrives. Our strength lies in adapting to dynamic environments with agility and precision. We pivot swiftly to ensure that Oracle solutions seamlessly align with the shifting priorities of our clients' businesses.

Customization Without Complexity

Precision is our hallmark at G & Co. When it comes to tailoring Oracle solutions, we strike a balance that avoids unnecessary complexity. Our expertise lies in preserving simplicity while enhancing functionalities, guaranteeing streamlined user experiences that resonate with our clients.

Responsive Scalability

At G & Co., we empower our clients to embrace growth without hesitation. Whether you're a startup or an enterprise, our expertise ensures that Oracle solutions scale harmoniously with your expansion, mitigating bottlenecks and fostering agility to propel your success.

Oracle-Centric Excellence

At G & Co, we embody Oracle mastery as the cornerstone of our expertise. Our DNA is intricately woven with Oracle's ecosystem, which empowers us to deliver solutions deeply aligned with the platform's full potential.
53% increase in online campaign-driven conversion rate for Prime membership
102+ million people reached after implementation of user experience design
162% increase in online direct-to-consumer conversion
38% Uplift in brand eCommerce redesign impacting customer retention
Robust strategy delivered to meet $10 billion revenue goal by 2027
Mobile app design created from start to finish in 2-month timeline
23 million impressions generated to bolster customer retention and loyalty
Redesign accomplished in 3 months.
478% increase in campaign reach with new market targeting
100+ delivers & consumers benchmarked across the United States for a 3-month survey
Full-scale, responsive UX/UI design for desktop, mobile, and tablet created in 2 months
1 million downloads of the Toyota app for convenient, vehicle management
1 million downloads of the Toyota app for convenient, vehicle management
Full-scale, responsive UX/UI design for desktop, mobile, and tablet created in 2 months
100+ delivers & consumers benchmarked across the United States for a 3-month survey
478% increase in campaign reach with new market targeting
Redesign accomplished in 3 months.
23 million impressions generated to bolster customer retention and loyalty
Mobile app design created from start to finish in 2-month timeline
Robust strategy delivered to meet $10 billion revenue goal by 2027
38% Uplift in brand eCommerce redesign impacting customer retention
162% increase in online direct-to-consumer conversion
102+ million people reached after implementation of user experience design
53% increase in online campaign-driven conversion rate for Prime membership


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How can partnering with an Oracle specialized agency enhance our business outcomes?

Partnering with an Oracle specialized agency redefines business outcomes through an expertly blended concoction of capabilities. Their profound grasp of Oracle's ecosystem unlocks solutions meticulously crafted to align with strategic imperatives, tapping into untapped reservoirs of potential. This agency is poised to tackle intricate challenges collaboratively, infusing enhancements that transcend conventional boundaries, igniting growth and fostering innovation. Their track record in Oracle implementations, a result of deep-rooted experience, ensures that the integration process unfurls seamlessly, optimizing efficiency and operational excellence. This partnership catalyzes an augmentation of business capabilities, nurturing a dynamic environment primed to scale the peaks of achievement.

In what ways does collaborating with an Oracle partner lead to more streamlined implementations and improved operational efficiency?

Collaborating with an Oracle partner ushers in a heightened era of efficiency for implementations and operational protocols. Anchored by an expanse of experience and a reservoir of Oracle-centric wisdom, these partners adeptly navigate complexities. Their strategic prowess orchestrates transitions that flow seamlessly, curtailing disruptions and amplifying Oracle's impact. Every facet of implementation is influenced by their acumen, ensuring swift and harmonious execution. This partnership synergy invariably translates to enhanced operational efficiency, setting the stage for sustainable growth and innovation.

Can an Oracle agency's expertise provide us with a deeper understanding of how to utilize data for strategic decision-making?

An Oracle agency's expertise provides a profound vantage point for data-driven decision-making. Their nuanced understanding of Oracle's capabilities weaves data strategies that delve beneath the surface, unearthing insights of deeper significance. Frameworks curated by them harness data's complete potential, paving the way for astute choices that confer competitive edges. Tailoring data interpretation to bespoke business goals empowers stakeholders to make decisions resonating throughout the organization, fostering enduring success.

What advantages can an Oracle agency bring in terms of modernizing our legacy systems and ensuring a smooth transition?

The advantages an Oracle agency ushers in, particularly in modernizing legacy systems and ensuring seamless transitions, are manifold. Their dexterity in maneuvering complex transformations taps Oracle's prowess, breathing fresh life into legacy systems through pioneering functionalities. Propelled by methodologies grounded in experience, these agencies mitigate risks, shepherding a transition that is both smooth and efficient. This not only heightens operational performance but also constructs a bedrock for future innovation and growth, underscoring the enterprise's technological advancement.

How might working with an Oracle partner improve our ability to derive meaningful insights from data through advanced analytics and business intelligence?

Working with an Oracle partner metamorphoses data into actionable insights through advanced analytics and business intelligence. The partner leverages Oracle's sophisticated tools to construct dynamic data ecosystems, replete with insights primed for action. Their expertise in weaving data narratives empowers enterprises to decipher latent trends, foresee shifts in markets, and make decisions of informed precision. This partnership burgeons the enterprise's data acumen, nurturing a culture of data-driven excellence that catalyzes growth and fuels innovation.

What impact could an Oracle specialized agency have on our data security and regulatory compliance efforts?

The impact of an Oracle specialized agency on data security and regulatory compliance efforts is profound. Leveraging comprehensive expertise, they skillfully design and implement robust safeguards, rooted in an understanding of Oracle's intricate security features and regulatory demands. Their strategic approach ensures data integrity and compliance adherence, shielding against vulnerabilities while fostering a culture of regulatory excellence.

In terms of innovation, how can an Oracle partner assist in devising effective roadmaps that align with our business goals?

In terms of innovation, an Oracle partner excels in crafting roadmaps aligned with business goals. Their grasp of Oracle's capabilities empowers them to blend technological advancements with strategic aspirations. Through customized Oracle solutions, they chart transformative trajectories, enabling businesses to navigate industry shifts while propelling innovation-led growth.

Can an Oracle agency help us tackle the challenges of scaling our operations while maintaining a responsive and adaptable system?

An Oracle agency deftly tackles operational scaling challenges, aligning solutions with scalability imperatives. Drawing from extensive experience, they optimize Oracle solutions to ensure operational fluidity and adaptability, harmonizing growth with responsiveness. This empowers enterprises to seize opportunities in dynamic markets, ensuring sustainable scalability and growth.

What measurable outcomes can we expect from engaging with an Oracle partner in terms of achieving business growth and improved ROI?

Engaging an Oracle partner yields measurable outcomes driving business growth and ROI. Their expertise in orchestrating Oracle solutions enhances processes, data utilization, and innovation. This translates to enhanced customer experiences, accelerated time-to-market, and revenue growth. The partner's strategic guidance optimizes Oracle investments, delivering quantifiable results that propel organizational advancement.

How does collaborating with an Oracle specialized agency lead to more agile problem-solving and quicker adaptation to market shifts?

Collaborating with an Oracle specialized agency fosters agile problem-solving and quick adaptation to market shifts. Rooted in Oracle acumen, they swiftly interpret challenges and devise innovative solutions aligned with market dynamics. Leveraging Oracle's capabilities, they drive swift implementations that respond to changing customer needs and competitive landscapes, ensuring sustained market relevance.

What specific advantages can an Oracle partner offer in terms of customizing solutions to our needs without introducing unnecessary complexity?

An Oracle partner's advantage lies in precise expertise, ensuring solutions tailored to your needs without unnecessary complexity. Their in-depth Oracle knowledge allows seamless integration of functionalities, optimizing processes without burdening systems, streamlining operations, and enhancing performance.

In what ways can an Oracle agency's expertise support us in managing our system's responsiveness as we navigate changes in demand and business expansion?

The expertise of an Oracle agency is invaluable for maintaining system responsiveness during demand changes and business expansion. Their Oracle tools experience helps architect solutions that anticipate and adapt to fluctuating demands, ensuring operational agility. This minimizes disruptions and maximizes adaptability, giving the enterprise a competitive edge.

How might partnering with an Oracle agency and gaining access to their Oracle-centric excellence positively impact our organization's overall performance and market positioning?

Partnering with an Oracle agency and accessing Oracle-centric excellence profoundly impacts performance and market positioning. Their deep grasp enables strategies aligning technology with business goals, propelling growth and innovation. This transformative partnership redefines market perceptions, positioning your organization as an industry visionary.

How can an Oracle experience agency leverage the benefits of being an Oracle Gold Partner to drive successful Oracle retail implementation projects for clients?

An Oracle experience agency harnesses Oracle Gold Partner advantages to drive successful retail implementations. This status assures clients of Oracle-savvy experts, capitalizing on Oracle prowess for seamless, efficient retail projects that deliver maximum value.

What role does an Oracle Platinum Partner status play in the ability to provide exceptional strategy and business model transformation services to enterprises looking to navigate the evolving landscape of hybrid work?

The Oracle Platinum Partner status serves as a foundation for remarkable strategy and business model transformation within the hybrid work landscape. Indicating profound Oracle expertise, it harmonizes technological strength with strategic insight. This combination nurtures transformative strategies adeptly navigating hybrid work intricacies, propelling innovation, and situating enterprises for enduring triumph in evolving realms.

In the realm of artificial intelligence, how does expertise as an Oracle partner enhance the ability to deliver AI-powered solutions that drive data-driven decision-making for businesses across various industries?

In the realm of artificial intelligence, an Oracle partnership empowers AI-driven solutions, nurturing data-driven decisions across industries. Deep Oracle expertise aligns AI algorithms with Oracle's capabilities, harmonizing integration and enriching data utilization. This synergy yields strategic insights, enabling informed decisions and unlocking competitive edges.

What sets an Oracle agency apart in the realm of cybersecurity, enabling them to offer cutting-edge solutions that address governance, risk, and compliance concerns while ensuring the highest level of data security in the cloud computing era?

What sets an Oracle agency apart in cybersecurity is an intricate grasp of Oracle's security features and governance mechanisms. This expertise drives advanced solutions addressing compliance and enhancing data security in the cloud era. A blend of technology and risk management strategically safeguards assets, ensuring alignment with regulations.

How does an Oracle retail implementation partner approach CX and digital commerce strategy for businesses looking to elevate their online presence, leveraging the power of data insights and cloud computing solutions?

As an Oracle retail implementation partner, strategies for CX and digital commerce intertwine data insights and cloud acumen. Oracle expertise shapes comprehensive strategies refining customer experiences through real-time analytics. Leveraging cloud capabilities, agile digital platforms heighten online presence, seamlessly adapting to evolving markets.

How does an Oracle experience agency empower clients to navigate complexities, ensuring seamless data governance, risk management, and compliance in today's rapidly evolving business landscape?

In the data landscape, an Oracle experience agency empowers clients by merging Oracle's capabilities with meticulous data governance. Mastery shapes ecosystems that assure data integrity, risk management, and compliance. This cohesive approach safeguards data assets, nurturing operational excellence amid evolving business realms.

In the hybrid work environment, what innovative approaches does an Oracle partner take to enable businesses to seamlessly integrate cloud computing solutions with their operational models, ensuring both flexibility and security?

In the hybrid work environment, an Oracle partnership innovatively integrates solutions. Enabling seamless cloud integration through Oracle, operational models achieve flexibility and security. This emphasizes scalability and user experience, preserving operational agility while safeguarding data integrity, underscoring dedication to both flexibility and security.

Global Leadership

We’re 100+ individuals from across the world driven by innovation and diverse perspectives. We craft your brands innovations for the world of tomorrow.
Adrian Garnica
As the President of G & Co., Adrian is a visionary leader responsible for driving growth, managing teams, and fostering client relationships. With a proven track record at McKinsey and R/GA, Adrian has successfully developed and executed strategic visions, led consultant teams, secured major clients such as Nike, Google, and Louis Vuitton, and ensured top-quality project delivery. Adrian's expertise lies in scaling, operations, and client-agency collaboration.
Kevin Sonof
VP, Strategy
Kevin serves G & Co. as VP of Strategy, bringing an accomplished strategist perspective for driving growth, delivering high-quality consulting projects, and cultivating client relationships. With expertise in market research, cross-functional collaboration, and staying abreast of industry trends, Kevin has successfully worked with renowned brands such as AT&T, Verizon, Google, Facebook, and Coca-Cola.
Jimena Robles
Head of Marketing & Experience
As the Head of Marketing & Experience at G & Co. Jimena employs her skill of spearheading enterprise creative strategies and roadmaps. She previously oversaw client engagements at Edelman and Essence.
Juan Manuel Gonzalez
Chief Executive Officer
As the CEO of G & Co., Juan is a visionary leader driving the company's strategic direction and growth. With expertise in executive leadership, business development, and relationship management, Juan has successfully developed and executed business plans, expanded the firm's market presence, and worked with renowned brands such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Levi’s, and Coca-Cola while taking the company to a worldwide presence and expanding to more than fifty employees. He has been recognized by the CFDA, ANA, Wall Street Journal, and Inc.
Estella Mahone
Chief Financial Officer
Estella is a seasoned financial leader responsible for developing strategies, ensuring compliance, and optimizing financial stability. With expertise in financial planning, analysis, and risk management, Estella collaborates cross-functionally to drive strategic decision-making and enabling client missions.
Francisco Chung
VP, Digital
Francisco is a dynamic leader driving business growth through digital innovation. With a proven track record of developing and executing digital strategies, Francisco leads teams, identifies opportunities, and delivers tailored solutions for clients. With a rich background working with brands like Apple, Sony, and General Electric, he brings extensive expertise in driving growth, optimizing operations, and fostering strong collaboration with clients. His achievements have been recognized during his tenure as Creative Technical Director at Isobar, frog, and Material.
Jeff MacBride
VP, Project Management
Jeff excels in developing and implementing effective project management strategies. With a strong track record in leading teams and collaborating cross-functionally, Jeff ensures successful project delivery, client satisfaction, and continuous improvement. Having served renowned clients and brands, Jeff's expertise in scaling operations and fostering a collaborative culture is backed by achievements at Lockheed Martin and as an adjunct professor in project management.
Shaelyn Ventrano
Senior Project Coordinator
As our Senior Project Coordinator, Shaelyn's expertise lies in coordinating project activities and ensuring seamless execution. With a background as a Cryptologic Linguist and Division Lead in the US Navy, Shaelyn brings exceptional organizational and communication skills to the team to help monitor project progress, facilitate collaboration, and maintain meticulous documentation. Clients value Shaelyn's proactive approach, timely updates, and attentive service. Her dedication to process improvement and sharing best practices showcases her commitment to excellence in project management.
Jacob Wright
VP, Growth
Jacob helps G & Co. in his capacity to drive market expansion and revenue growth through strategic initiatives. With a strong business development track record in working with renowned brands like Nespresso, MGM Resorts, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, and Unilever, Jacob develops comprehensive growth plans, leveraging industry best practices, analyzing key performance indicators to identifiy areas for improvement and fosters a culture of collaboration and achievement. Prior experience at leading agencies includes roles as an Account Manager, Strategist, and Director of Strategy.
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