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Burberry is one of the most storied fashion brands to come out of England and one of many global luxury names to have a recent rebrand. As a towering figure in fashion, its decision to rebrand after one hundred years signaled an embrace for change that we were excited to aid in. By advancing Burberry’s eCommerce experience through a refreshed user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), we helped usher in another one hundred years of fashion-forward thinking.

To mark the Burberry rebrand in a new eminence front, we helped accomplish a refreshed look through bold, new user interface and experience design. Burberry’s adoption of a modern look called for a sleeker appearance across their global commerce presence.  

A Bold Move Forward

The risk for a global luxury brand to commence a design overhaul is not one without consequences. But it carries loads of upside.

As a way to commemorate the way the fashion space has dived into the world of minimalism and admiration of the past, Burberry championed the pronounced look of its logo while sporting new lines that cherished its old English roots. 

With this in mind, we centered the new Burberry eCommerce experience around its product line and stories for consumers to interact with. All throughout the site, it’s the story and the name that Burberry has built for itself that we wanted users to connect with.

Here’s to the Next 100

Being a part of Burberry’s rebrand and embodiment of the move towards a more modern appearance assures us that our user experience work will make a lasting impression and is built to stand as long as the brand itself has. Burberry’s shown that while fashion is cyclical and always changing, staying simple and reflecting to the past to look ahead is always a source for deep inspiration.

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