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Digital Design • Digital Strategy • Direction • eCommerce • UI/UX
Arezzo&Co, one of the largest fashion companies in Latin America, reached out to G & Co. to revitalize the user experience (UX) for Schutz, a footwear brand looking to make a profound statement through its design and shopping experience. Because the ubiquity of eCommerce has permeated every corner of the globe, we sought to create a design identity for Schutz’s digital presence that is universally intuitive and enjoyable for any footwear fanatic to shop with.

In our collaboration with Schutz to usher them into a fresh, modern era, G & Co. spearheaded the development of a radiant, innovative user interface and experience design. In response to Schutz's move towards a contemporary feel, our team amplified their digital presence for their vast international audience.

A Forward-Thinking Approach

Initiating a design revolution for an esteemed global footwear name is thrilling, a journey bursting with promise. As G & Co. observes the fashion landscape's tilt towards minimalism and cutting-edge styles, we've amplified Schutz's distinctive brand mark and showcased designs that reflect today's spirit.

Guided by our insights, the online space for Schutz has been designed to revolve around their standout collections and captivating brand stories, inviting customers into a deeper engagement. Everywhere on the platform, we've prioritized highlighting the Schutz allure and its modern flair, crafting touchpoints we believe will resonate.

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Embracing the Contemporary Era

Being pivotal to Schutz’s transformation and its drive towards a modern facade reassures us of our user experience contributions' lasting impact. Schutz's approach reiterates that while fashion is ever-evolving, a commitment to the present moment and adaptability remain key to resonating inspiration.

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