G & Co. is a digital DTC marketing agency. 

Full-service DTC marketing agency and DTC digital agency with leading expertise in eCommerce, Shopify, digital marketing, & UI/UX web design.

We help brands with DTC marketing and DTC eCommerce to execute their digital transformation.

Our Services

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Nothing could be more important to DTC brands than having a solid native site and stellar user experience. As a DTC eCommerce agency, we know the best way to make both of those things a reality is to have a personalized approach to today’s consumers. G & Co. understands that DTC consumers want a frictionless and rewarding experience in every step of the shopping journey and strives to make this the forefront of every direct-to-consumer brand’s focus.

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As a DTC Shopify agency, we help direct-to-consumer brands propel their way forward thanks to Shopify’s powerful operating capabilities. With store development, analytics tracking, and inventory management all easier than ever to do, there’s no better platform that helps brands roll out their DTC digital transformation to market quicker.

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At the core of every DTC marketing strategy is the authentic connection a brand builds with an audience. It’s why we at G & Co. consider the best returns to be those that last for a lifetime. As a DTC marketing agency, our greatest focus in a strategy is to inspire audiences to interact, engage, and see themselves as part of a brand they buy from.

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User interface and user experience are the bedrocks of any brand’s online strategy. We at G & Co. strive for on-brand and pixel-perfect mockups for any direct-to-consumer brand’s website, app, or software projects. As a DTC UI/UX agency, we understand the need for emerging brands to have a fast and seamless rollout of a digital product, which is why our designers, developers, and strategists all work in conjunction to have every project build, integration, and launch done with precision and speed.

Digital Campaigns
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We understand DTC brands need a partner with their best, long-term interests in mind. G & Co. is more than that. Being a DTC digital agency, we consider ourselves as a direct contributor to our client’s success. And it’s why every DTC marketing and campaign strategy of ours always takes a data-driven and consumer-centric approach. When it comes to maximizing a DTC brand’s campaign, no stone is left unturned in meeting every KPI.

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An excellent DTC marketing strategy always provides lasting value. With this understanding, we can utilize email that both builds a DTC brand’s standing and fosters a strong relationship with customers. A DTC marketing agency’s ROI-driven campaigns should always be made to fuel direct-to-consumer growth. From customized and data-driven emails tailored to your customer’s shopping behavior to captivating post-purchase campaigns, every email marketing initiative is made to increase your customer’s lifetime value.
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About G & Co.

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DTC is a revolutionary way brands can sell to shoppers.

By having a direct line of contact with their consumer, DTC brands don’t have to negotiate with retailers or other middle men to get their product on the market.

And without the restrictions that come with a traditional retailer relationship, DTC brands can gather better info from their customers to build even better relationships than ever before.

Why we
do DTC (02)

We believe in supporting breakthrough DTC eCommerce brands that are on a mission to better serve consumers and the world around us. That’s why G & Co. is proud to do what it can to help emerging upstarts get heard and cement their status and leading names to watch.

How we
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We see ourselves as direct contributors to our clients’ success. And so in every DTC strategy, we make sure every facet is conversion-driven and equipped to deliver the ultimate user experience. When it comes to any DTC project, each mission revolves around one thing: the consumer. If we have that in mind, we will always succeed in implementing our strategy, be it a DTC marketing campaign, Shopify, branding, or a web design project.
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G & Co. a strategy consulting firm and digital transformation partner helping brands through strategy, data/insight, and digital innovation/product.

We focus on enabling enhanced customer experience and digital transformation through data benchmarking, industry research, and market and brand intelligence.

G & Co. is a full-service firm made up of diverse talents and perspectives. We’re a strategy consulting firm that fulfills the promise of empowering every brand, one project at a time. 


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What’s the importance of working with a DTC eCommerce agency?

Having an eCommerce agency with experience in the direct-to-consumer space is pivotal to a DTC brand’s strategy success. G & Co. is a dedicated DTC eCommerce agency with a keen understanding of what makes a user experience a great one and a portfolio that includes Outdoor Voices, Material, and Apostrophe.

We have the skill and insight necessary to guide DTC brands in their eCommerce journey, be it in setting up a storefront, creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, or optimizing a campaign for long-term growth. No direct-to-consumer brand should have to spend the time and effort needed to successfully run their operations just to play by the old rules of traditional retail. Neither should they be advised by agencies without any background in the DTC world. Innovative new brands need innovative strategies—that’s why the trusted direction of a DTCdigital agency is necessary for breakthrough brands.

What’s the importance of working with a DTC UI/UX agency?

We understand direct-to-consumer brands cherish their ability to be quick and nimble and that they appreciate those same qualities in a DTCUI/UX agency. With G & Co., we move swiftly but deftly to provide the most intuitive and user-friendly design solutions for direct-to-consumer brands.

At our agency, our team of designers, developers, and strategists work as a team to provide DTC brands with beautifully designed experiences that engage users and set themselves apart. We combine our creative skills and optimizing ability to produce the most efficient and enjoyable digital products for our clients. As a DTCdigital agency, we believe that part of what makes a brand stand out is having an appealing product experience and knowing how to best demonstrate the principles that lead the way in creating a user experience that cares deeply about the customer.

What’s a DTC digital strategy and how does it differ from other brand strategies?

A DTC digital strategy differs from other brand strategies in that, unlike traditional retail relationships, DTC cuts out the middleman and instead sells straight to the end-consumer. That kind of freedom means brands with a direct-to-consumer business model will not only have to act as their own distribution partner but also preside over its fulfillment and marketing operations.

And while that may sound unappealing to some, the beauty of the DTC digital strategy is that brands have much more flexibility to connect with the consumers and, in turn, make for a better engagement standing. As a DTC marketing agency, the most important thing to understand in a digital strategy is that the more consumer-centric an approach is, the better. After all, one of the biggest reasons why direct-to-consumer brands have garnered a devoted audience is because of their ability to market to consumers and deliver what they need and want.

As the biggest driver behind any DTC brand’s success, the consumer should always be the first and most important priority in a DTC marketing strategy.

What are your areas of focus as a DTC digital agency and DTC marketing agency?

User experience is at the core of everything we do here at G & Co.

We started out as a UI/UX design agency and website design firm that spawned to include web applications, enterprise software, and digital marketing. The UX UI and DTC web design projects we take on range from building a new product to redesigning an existing eCommerce site, mobile app, or enterprise software. We do everything you might need to bring a successful digital product to life: user research, product strategy, user interface, user experience design, usability testing, prototyping, web design and development. And we are more than happy to offer our marketing services to help you optimize your strategy for the long run.

It’s no surprise that our clients return for our gamut of digital services. After all: who can better add continued value to a direct-to-consumer brand’s strategy than the very DTC agency that considers their brand’s success as their own? We’re a DTCdigital agency that believes every direct-to-consumer strategy, at its core, enables the customer with an exceptional journey, from the first stages of brand recognition, to far beyond the purchase. That’s why unlike other eCommerce, web design, or DTCmarketing agencies, we think about the path we want to pave for each of the brands we partner with to make for one great user experience.

What separates G & Co. from other top DTC marketing agencies and DTC digital agencies?

With so many great agencies, it’s hard to be different when the standard is so high. So how do we stand out? Simple. We’re a DTC digital agency that prides itself on the quality of our web design work, the craft it takes to make it, and the DTC marketing strategies we map out for our DTC clients. G & Co.’s digital products and user interfaces are easy to use, look great, and represent DTC brands in the best way possible.

Not to mention, we always consider the direct-to-consumer mission when crafting a DTC marketing approach—with the end-user experience in mind. We believe that if our central focus remains on the customer, then we will always succeed. And unlike most DTC marketing agencies and user experience designers, we combine both creative and product design capabilities with strategic thinking under one roof and on the same project. Imagine a design shop meets a DTC digital strategy firm and an eCommerce agency — that’s us.

Can your DTC digital agency help me with setting up my Shopify store?

Absolutely! As a DTC Shopify agency, we can develop a storefront for emerging brands. Why we choose Shopify is simple: it offers the single best springboard for direct-to-consumer brands to get started on selling without issue. And for breakthrough DTC brands, we think they’ll appreciate being able to get started with some powerful tools, like analytics tracking, inventory management, and easy-to-use development. Of course, we also serve DTC brands with an existing Shopify store with design and development changes.

Do you do branding or should I hire a separate branding agency?

Yes, G & Co. does branding. While we regard ourselves as a user experience agency foremost, we recognize branding is an integral part of any DTC design project. We position ourselves as a new kind of branding agency focused on direct‑to‑consumer brands, as well as tech startups, digital products, and luxury names. Any DTC digital agency can create a visual identity, but not like the one we did for Dreem. Our branding capabilities include research, brand and digital strategy, logo design, visual identity, graphic design, motion design, and style guide development, and web design, among other things. However, our clients often provide us with either a brand strategy or even a complete visual identity package. In these cases, we use the current brand foundation as a starting point, not just carefully applying it to whatever we’re designing but making sure we extend and enrich the brand while staying true to its roots.

What process should I expect from your DTC UI/UX agency?

Our UI/UX design process is based on the design thinking methodology, which allows us to be flexible, adapting to almost any project type and collaboration model. While each UX UI design engagement is unique, we always go through the following key phases: 

Discovery & Research 
We usually start by consolidating all available project documentation and scheduling UX workshops with your team. During those sessions, we interview key stakeholders, collaborate on requirements, and ideate and plan the next steps. When possible, our UX designers talk to your current or potential customers to understand their needs and pain points. In some cases, we may need to audit your existing product to identify opportunities for user experience improvements. We will also review competitor products, gather visual design references, and document best practices. 

Digital Strategy & Concepts
Based on the discovery & research results, we synthesize a digital strategy and define a UX approach to drive our design process. Since we’re a UI/UX design agency, we will explore different concepts to establish such core elements as information architecture, key screen layouts, and UI design direction. We then validate the resulting concept with users and stakeholders. Once the feedback is in, we make the necessary updates to design the rest of the product.

UI/UX Design
After the UI design concept has been approved, we start designing the UI and UX, continuously conducting user tests, and iterating along the way. The UX UI design's main activities include user flow mapping, wireframing, user interface design, interaction design, and prototyping. We hand off design assets to developers using tools and providing a comprehensive style guide that includes a UI component library, UX guidelines, and complete user flows. Learn more about our UI design studio process and deliverables here.

How can I get a proposal for my project?

If you're looking for a UI/UX design, DTC eCommerce agency, or DTC Shopify agency, please send us an email first with a quick summary of your project or an RFI/RFP. We usually reply within 36 hours to schedule an introductory call and ask any immediate questions. During our first call, we will ask some questions about the project goals, audience, budget, timeline, and other essential details. We can sign an NDA if necessary, but our standard is to always treat all client conversations as confidential. Please feel free to contact other digital agencies to compare their prices and design and brand approach. While many digital agencies only work by the hour, we try to estimate the project cost as precisely as possible before we start. After the call, we may request various documentation such as a design brief, project requirements, past designs, etc. If we’re redesigning an existing digital product, we’ll want to schedule a demo or try it ourselves. We will create a proposal and schedule a video call to walk you through it. The digital agency proposal will include a detailed description of our DTC brand approach, project phases, activities, and deliverables, and relevant case studies.

What does G & Co. do, primarily?

While G & Co. is both a DTC eCommerce agency and a DTC marketing agency, we consider ourselves an equal partner to our brands because we cover everything a direct-to-consumer brand could need in a shop.

As a DTC eCommerce agency, we offer services that strengthen a brand’s online image and equip them with the necessary features any breakthrough business needs to succeed now and for the years ahead. This includes a digital strategy, design work, and optimization that fits into and empowers a brand’s mission.

Our additional services include UX/UI web design, branding identity, development, and strategy for both up-and-coming and established brands who want to make a breakthrough for the new digital age. At G & Co., we recognize no one brand is the same—it’s why we approach each project with careful consideration and reflection for the path we want to create.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, please email us at hello@g-co.agency.

Why Should I Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

Hiring an agency that specializes in digital marketing is essential if you want to be able to develop effective strategies to attract potential customers, increase sales, and make the most out of your online presence.

What makes DTC brands different from others in the eCommerce industry is that they control every aspect of how they sell products and services to their target market. You'll be able to do this if you work with experts who can guide you through the process.

Is G & Co. Different from Other Agencies?

G & Co. is entirely different from other businesses because it's a consulting firm that specializes in consumer goods and retail.

This company is the ideal one to hire if your target audience includes people in these categories. When you want to make your business stand out in an eCommerce space, focusing on a specific portion of the population is essential, and this is exactly what G & Co. can help you with.

Experts at G & Co. help retailers attract their target market, define their brand identity, and create strategies that allow them to cut the middleman and adopt a direct-to-consumer model, increasing sales.

Why Do Consumers Choose DTC Brands?

Many customers feel attracted to DTC brands even if they don't know they're in this category, and there's a reason for it.

DTC marketing guarantees that businesses control every aspect of their selling experience. Therefore, regardless of the brand's identity, the eCommerce platforms it uses, or its target audience, experts will have a say on everything that happens.

How Can a Company Benefit from This Agency?

Retailers can benefit from many businesses, but when it comes to G & Co., it's different. They'll get help from digital marketing experts who are there to guide them and develop innovative and effective strategies.

This DTC eCommerce agency focuses on helping retailers identify the most crucial factors that influence their outcomes. In some cases, that can be a flawed business model, a lack of creative elements, issues with Search Engine Optimization, using the wrong eCommerce platforms, and so on.

What Can G & Co. Help Me with?

Optimizing information for a search engine, improving websites to make online shopping easier, and developing effective strategies to target customers are just a few of the things that people at G & Co. specialize in.

Furthermore, this web agency of eCommerce follows a direct-to-consumer model, going beyond basic digital marketing to make sure retailers control their selling experience.

If you hire G & Co., you'll get experts who can guide you in making the best business decisions when it comes to retail. There are numerous professionals available, and they specialize in different fields within this industry, so you'll get to experience guidance from the best people out there.

Why Is Expert Help Important?

Hiring digital marketing experts is essential, especially if you want to succeed in attracting your target audience and increasing your sales.

With experts such as the ones at G & Co., retailers can improve their business model, rely on DTC marketing to get more sales, rank high on search engine results, and more.

Experts not only help you identify the flaws in what you've already done but also guide you in finding out the best methods to use now. If you want to boost your sales, expand your business, focus on your strengths, and get access to specialized resources, hiring professional help is key.

Can Hiring a Specialized Agency Make a Difference?

When it comes to creating an engaging experience, fostering a deep connection with your customer base, following a DTC model to attract your audience, and earning more money, hiring specialized services can make a huge difference.

The direct-to-consumer model gives the power back to the entrepreneurs. Therefore, when you get help from a DTC branding agency, you're working on understanding and controlling every step of the sale process.

DTC marketing is gaining popularity in the eCommerce world since it helps you understand your target audiences and connect with your loyal customer base. Consequently, getting help from experts can only help you improve, increase your sales, plan better, and get the best outcomes possible.

With consulting experts available, G & Co. is ready to help clients through their process and guide them in whatever they need to improve their business!