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Mango is a clothing brand at the forefront of today’s urban couture. With modern pieces for both men, women, and children, Mango’s more than 2,000 stores in 100 countries cement it as a powerful player in the fashion space. We worked with them to refresh their user interface and experience to create as polished an interaction as Mango has collections.

Making the Experience as Great as the Product

Mango needed to revamp its user experience by making it easier for consumers to find that perfect item to add to their wardrobe for every season of the year.

Building with the Fast-Fashion Lover in Mind 

A modern clothing line needs complementing with a modern look. For a brand like Mango, who’s got nothing but the most forward-thinking line of fashion, we knew there was no better way to emphasize the products themselves than to keep things simple and make the navigation and viewing process intuitive to highlight the trends users look for. With the most up-to-date shoppers in mind, we produced a web experience that prominently showed the most sought-after product lines and made it exceptionally easy for visitors to browse for the newest addition to their collections.

As is all fast-fashion, we knew Mango needed an online shopping experience both convenient and uncomplicated. As a creative agency, we felt shoppers would appreciate going in, finding a wardrobe add, and checking out with as few steps as possible so they spent less time navigating and more time showing off the latest trends.

Designing an Interface Made to Last

After hashing out simplified user flows and implementing the newest structure, we established brand guidelines that helped Mango have a foundation for later iterations. And while Mango’s online storefront has since evolved, the framework we created is still found in every web design succession.

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