Customer Experience - CX Survey 2021

In the last twelve months, the global scale of disruption has accelerated both the adoption of eCommerce strategies and the prioritization of customer experience (CX). What this means for brands moving forward is a more nuanced understanding of what consumers need from them to be better engaged, and become longer-term patrons. 

In G & Co.’s Customer Experience Survey 2021, we cover the following:

  • What industry leaders are contemplating amid rapid digital advancements and how many chief marketers and strategists are moving ahead on digital innovations.

  • How important a brand’s customer experience strategy is to shoppers now more than ever

  • The growing trends that can bolster a brand’s digital initiatives and customer experience efforts

G & Co.’s report on the state of customer experience and engagement illustrates the growing importance of innovating upon existing structures in eCommerce. With the expanded availability of digital technologies, consumers now have the expectation that all brands should recognize who their target audience is and craft more applicable, personalized experiences to them. In this report, G & Co. outlines the moving shifts for commerce technologies and rationales for why brands must make the pivot in improving their customer experience efforts.

These findings are a result of surveys sampling CMOs and their strategies for 2021 and beyond, and consumer insights detailing preferences for shopping from brands. 

G & Co. Customer Experience CX Survey - CX Agency, Customer Experience Agency

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