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CB2 is the perfect mix of enduring design for home goods accouterment and comfort, both literal and in terms of affordability. A sister brand of Crate and Barrel, CB2’s line of avant-garde sofas, coffee tables, and more make it an essential stop for anyone looking to furnish their first place.

Goodness of Fit

CB2’s appeal to first-time apartment, studio renters, and homeowners make for great brand recognition, but augmenting the existing method in which it gathered leads and made sure to stay top of mind was of the utmost priority when we were approached and asked to assist. 

Upping the Online Strategy

Due to recent developments in the online shopping space, CB2’s strategy needed to incorporate a strong undertaking to its ecommerce department. CB2 needed to embrace an online blueprint to the extent that it had not before and differentiate itself from other competitors.

The most fitting way to do that was none other than to utilize the brand’s chic and good-natured marker. Furniture retailers come by the dozen, but not just any one of them can consider themselves as the eclectic piece to complete a home collection as CB2 can. 

This, tied together with a stronger email front, helped solidify CB2’s online efforts even further. Through a steady flow of seven promotional emails per week on average, CB2’s top-of-mind presence was sure to be high on any of its subscriber’s inboxes, increasing the likelihood that shoppers purchase any one of their flash sale items.

Earning a Spot at the Table

A clear delineation of CB2’s brand positioning got it recognized as the modern furniture seller to go to for any first-time renter or buyer. And with a firm strategy on email, CB2 has shown it has earned a place among the top alternative names to consider for fresh styling at great prices.

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